Apple TV+ Hits Friday. Its Series (Mostly) Miss


Let's start out with the explanation of apple TV this is a relatively new thing what we need to know about apple TV yeah this the views today actually if you bought an apple device after September ten graduations you already have it absolutely free for at least a year you can get a free trial by going to the apple TV app if not you can check out apple TV plus for four ninety nine a month it is launching a bunch of big buzz he shows the top of them is the morning show it's a drama starring Reese Witherspoon Jennifer Aniston and Steve corral and it's a dramatic show despite the stars that are in it about a morning show that separate the meat you scanned all all of the today show and throws it into turmoil there's also CD which is a game of thrones style drama about a world where everybody is blinds starring Jason Momoa from game of thrones bunch of other shows on there it's I watch all of them at this point it is very much a mixed bag the only one that I really liked and I really can't recommend to everybody this show called you can send the stars Hailee Steinfeld as young Emily Dickinson and it's kind of like euphoria beats thirty rock meets his drama beats a million different things uncategorized of all but I was fascinated I and like to at least one joke perhaps said the morning show is ridiculously entertaining but supercell Sirius spend fifteen million dollars an episode which is an insane amount of money but apple so they're putting all of their chips in the US but so far I think everybody in the office here to senator greens the shows are not great so if you have a free trial and do you want to check it out certainly I would suggest sampling the morning show sample taken standing if that all sounds interesting if you're into sci fi there's a show from Ronald D. Moore who created it Battlestar Galactica calls for all mankind was about an alternate history where America lost the space race very well made but also reporting frankly but it the other thing if you don't have a free trial I would hesitate to recommend spending even before ninety nine the account just because I've been plagued by a lot of tech issues today people have been proud of had problems logging into free trials finding the shows except for so give it some time listen to the bison that baby check it out in a couple of weeks if you're interested what are they doing on the morning show that's costing fifteen million per episode is that for the kids a great cast is is that a lot of that money goes out to them is that what it is I think a lot of money wanted to them it's also it's a gorgeous looking show it's beautifully shot by being the letter who started director jail for awhile after she corrected the action movie the peacemaker mess and she did deep impact immediately after that but you don't ton of TV since then it's at the starting the shot was very clearly spent a ton of money on this and again the ID it's kind of trashing it's like very much a trashy soap operas so I don't know why they spent that much money on it but I I don't have a lot of time I sat down to watch three solid hours this nonstop back to back yes I could not stop playing so just in terms of entertainment value I think it's worth it for that I'm trying to think of the track record of other networks when they rolled out a new schedule I remember when fox first became a network years ago it was kind of a slow rollout they just did a couple shows at the beginning and then build from there it's got to be tough to come up with a full schedule of shows and have a mall be successful and and great right that's almost impossible it's almost impossible and this is a big problem with apple TV plus right now that they're not taking the lessons but a lot of the other streaming that works done even Netflix did that very slowly enabled out house of cards then they had arrested development arch new black before they wrapped up to you thirty five new television shows every single day of the week apple TV plus is trying to be all of that media plea almost wanting more of their own each be within their own Netflix because the other thing that you should know about this for the apple TV plus price you're only getting the shows you're not getting everything that he is on TV that you would normally get from the iTunes store the TV store or anything like that yeah it's just the additional shows so I wish there were better it seems like they just gave people blank Jackson said to everyone we don't know what's going on the TV so again some of the stuff is get service desk very bad hopefully it'll get better they're certainly not giving it up anytime soon because all the shares regardless of quality have been picked up for a second season I gotta tell ya I'm surprised that that your stars like a Reese Witherspoon Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell are selling out to apple like that it just seems weird to me you know they've found a big screen the alignment and that I think they said was they want to give creators the chance to really express themselves so this case it's it's produced by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston it's been playing very different parts I will say they're both fantastic at the show Jennifer Aniston is unlike you ever seen her before so I think that's what they're going for the chance and the same thing that other folks are jumping at is actually a new version of Oprah's book club the diffuse its first absent today and again I think it was just this blank check that apple had into them and said you do what you want you follow your muse and some people follow their views and absolutely wrong direction and hopefully of course correct a little bit and that somebody will give them a little more guidance going

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