Will the weather forecast impact your fantasy football lineup?


Just go around the nation. this is what Paul four K.. Dave I got it the weather could not be better in New York City it's like seventy three degrees I drove with the windows down listening to some beautiful music how how are things though in Kansas city this weekend well thank you Adam showers and thunderstorms expected on Sunday high of seventy four winds southwest at ten to twenty miles per hour chance of rain this is not a joke one hundred percent rainfall may reach one H. and locally happily rainfall possible so where your votes if you live in Kansas city from the fantasy football weather center this is Dave Richard back to you. thank god I get out of bed I was really good. yeah well you know I'm not a weather and I'm a fantasy football guy that's right you a future that good stuff so is that affecting your rankings at all you should see me on a green screen dollar not yet if if we wake up on Sunday and the forecast is still you know what but I just a hundred percent chance of thunderstorms that's bad yeah range not that big of a deal that well right was so the wind that that we care about the only way that rain is bad for football is wind it hurts visibility so like crazy heavy downpour okay that's bad plus players could slip and wind is really bad too but usually you're looking for consistent twenty mile an hour gusts not ten to twenty the actual forecast is thirteen miles an hour on Sunday do you really think that's going to slow down a patch of homes fastball I think not so here's what you do the game kicks of one at noon you'll head on over to CBSSports dot com and you'll see what the latest is and we will have it for you and you can make a smart decision on whether to go with players on the ravens chiefs are not one thing you can do now though is make plans a kicker because the wind will affect the ball that's kicked in the air because those Basel flutter like crazy all the time so Justin Tucker Harrison buckle my guys you can't drop them you can't but you could might have to drop some bills or you just take your chances with them and hope that they get you six points that's that's usually bad just some people would say yes you can drop kickers and maybe they're right I actually think that the the handful of a leak kickers are very valuable and I would not drop them in Tucker certainly one of them is Santos might be as well Dave real quick injury updates here any Pinheiro and Mike badly yeah I know their kickers but badly is not going to play he's doubtful and Panera

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