Impeachment witness: Ukrainians asked about holdup of aid

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Behind. Closed is doors. Pentagon official Laura Cooper told impeachment investigators that nearly four hundred million dollars in aid to Ukraine was put on hold due to the president's concerns about corruption corruption in the country. A transcript of Cooper's testimony released Monday describes confusion and concern at the Pentagon about the hold on security aide over the Summer Cooper bird the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia Ukraine and Eurasia said officials questioned whether the office of Management and Budget had the legal authority to hold the money. The House Committee is also released transcripts of testimony by to Ukraine experts at the State Department Katherine Croft and Christopher Anderson the transcripts revealed there were concerns turns over the administration's handling of foreign policy with respect to Ukraine. The committees have been releasing transcripts from officials who testified behind closed doors ahead of the first public hearings on Wednesday but Wall Street Journal Executive Washington editor Jerry. SEIB says a lot is still up in the air. We don't know whether the witnesses Republicans have asked to call including Vice President Biden son hundred Biden will ever appear or not Republicans want to hear from one hundred Biden because they wanna make sure one of the issues discussed publicly at this hearings. Ah is the work. That Hunter Biden did for Ukrainian energy company which they say was a conflict of interest for Vice President Biden and one of the things president trump legitimately wanted to know more or about and perhaps most important. We don't know yet whether John Bolton the former trump White House national security adviser will testify publicly or not he may be the most most important most knowledgeable person. He sat as National Security Advisor at the intersection of the State Department and the White House. He saw all of the drama that is encapsulated in the Ukraine issue firsthand but he hasn't spoken publicly about it yet. He's made it clear through his lawyers that he will testify only if a court says he must testify because that would get around on the White House insistence that he stay away. That may or may not have time to play out because Democrats want to move ahead quickly with this. Perhaps take the whole investigation handed off to the judiciary committee so it can make a decision on articles of impeachment by mid December.

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