Disney+ warns of 'outdated cultural depictions' in classic movies


One this is on real Disney streaming service the new Disney streaming service has added social justice trigger warnings to some of its classic movie titles telling subscribers that beloved Disney movies including dumbo Swiss family Robinson Davy Crockett king of the wild frontier in the original lady and the tramp contain quote outdated cultural depictions I I talked about that earlier if you did you grow up watching Disney cartoon movies a little bit a little bit I did not know that sweet spot in between when the only way you could see them was going to like a revival and they weren't released until like the mid nineties on video cassette needed like one a year so I was to all by the time that I was like yeah I've teenager I didn't have any interest in all that stuff so I don't Disney means almost nothing to me but the fact that they're throwing trigger warnings on what everybody remembers his elastic is malaria yeah I again I applied some some delegate duties for district forty two now he's always at all

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