Syrian troops head to border as conflict intensifies in Turkey


Syrian troops are massing near the Turkish border one day after Syrian president Bashar lasts and reached a deal to help protect the Kurds from Turkey is deadly air and ground assault on Sunday the courage agreed in a deal brokered by Russia to hand over to border towns to the Syrian government in exchange for protection the Kurds had been allied with the United States up until last week when president trump abruptly pulled US troops from northern Syria paving the way for Turkey's assault on Sunday defense secretary mark asper announced the US has ordered all remaining US forces out of northern Syria more than a hundred thirty thousand people have already been displaced over the past five days since Turkey invaded northern Syria the death toll is unknown Turkey says more than five hundred quote terrorists have been neutralized Turkey frequently refers to Kurdish groups as terrorist the Syrian observatory for human rights is reporting Turkish back proxies have shot dead nine Kurdish civilians including a prominent political leader have run a Khalaf who was killed along with her driver on Saturday she was the secretary general of the future Syria party Kurdish authorities are reporting seven hundred eighty five people affiliated with the Islamic state including many women and children escape from a Kurdish controlled displacement camp in northern Syria the escape the Kurdish Turkish back forces shelled nearby targets on Sunday president trump's former defense secretary James Mattis warned the current turmoil will lead to a resurgence of isis this comes as a New York times is reporting US forces fail to transfer five dozen high value Islamic state prisoners out of Syria before trump withdrew troops from northern Syria Turkey is facing increasing international condemnation for invading northern Syria the European Union has called on all member states to stop selling arms to Ankara to talk more about the situation in northern Syria were joined by a slam going on she is an assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at the City University of New York and a member of the emergency committee of roaches she is from Turkey and of Kurdish origin professor us long got our thanks so much for being with us can you talk about what you understand to be the latest situation now in northern Syria thank you for having me me well this situation as you just said that courage needed to have a deal so we need to just look at the situation just a little back and see that last year actually at the beginning of this year in January president trump once again said that he's going to with throw the troops from on Syria and so leaving the cards alone and this didn't happen because there was a lot of reactions against this and then at the time he had said that well we're going to do this but in time and in do you warning so that our allies there I can protect themselves with this didn't happen because just a random phone call this past week between Ardalan and trump he all of a sudden decided to take old troops out of there without any notice shin without any time for the Kurdish troops to protect themselves so once they were left unprotected it's important to realize that it's not just president trump but we tried very hard to develop international solidarity against this to call for a no fly zone so that even if the US troops get out of the place that the Kurds can be protected with their self defense measures on combined with the no fly zone so that Turkey cannot do air attacks which is the large majority of losses last time happened because of this so this did not take place this did not go through there's no protection no protection from the U. S. whatsoever it was just very prompt taking of the troops out of there so the Kurds in order to escape the genocide had to make a deal and this is a shame because they had to make a deal with a regime that has been repressing them for decades now in order to protect them so explain what this deal is and how it happened it was brokered by Russia yes it was brokered by Russia Russia basically once the U. S. withdrew from the region Russia became the major power in the region controlling and negotiating between Turkey assault forces and the STF the searing double credit forces so Russia is the only actor in the playing field right now in addition to you around but right now we're speaking of the Russian leadership and so the terms of the deal are is still on now because for for do you know for the part of the Kurds their urgent need for self protection and to prevent genocide made them just urgently accept this offer from the side regime they their hope is that they can keep their autonomy this is what the you know the leaders of the Syrian democratic forces were saying that this is just to protect the borders for now and to prevent to prevent the Turkish invasion Turkish war took as genocide I mean Kurdish genocide at the hands of the Turkish forces so and especially just you mentioned this and it's very important to understand the Turkey it's not just the ISIS fighters escape Turkey actually bombed the ISIS prison so that they can escape the Turkey is I mean actually surname also include the Turkish interior minister couple five days ago when asked that the TV pro Graham when Turks were concerned about the potential ISIS attack it was late to be comfortable no need to be concerned they don't have any option but to live with us so they're very openly align with isis let's go to president trump who is responding to questions from reporters last week asking what will happen to ISIS fighters in the region who are imprisoned and who could escape he said well the landscape to Europe this is what he said ISIS fighters escape and pose a threat elsewhere well they're gonna be escaping to Europe that's what they want to go they want to go back to their homes but Europe didn't want from us your response to a train trestle well this is the I mean you know this is just outrageous this is just outrageous I mean there is the re emergence and resurgence of isis that and because of trump's sudden decision to withdraw the troops without any protection once somewhere without any plan to do something with these ISIS fighters and also their families and it's very important to understand what we call ISIS families as women and children fighters they have done enormous human rights violations in the region's there's tons of interviews with these women in the camps in the refugee camps and so they are letting them free to kill the Kurds aligned with the Turkish forces so troops says that it's Europe's responsibility but trump said actually he said that the the ISIS writers will go to Europe and made very clear they will not come to the United States well I mean we know what happened we know how they can mobilize to attack and make terrorist attacks in all parts of the world so this is I mean and especially for someone who's been using this discourse of terror for such a long time and threats for such a long time it's it's outrageous not to see the imminent threat and it's outrageous to not see the cooperation of Turkey and the open statement that we're going to cooperate with isis that's we're going to use the forces the jihadist isis in addition to the Turkish land forces and air forces to attack and protected territory and and the only means that these people have is self defense and it's important to understand that this is not just the Kurds in the region who are under threat but the minorities and religious minorities who had been especially targeted by ISIS so they are looking for revenge they're looking for first exterminating the leftover populations that they started you know the room is the D. genocide that they had committed and then slave tells ins and I mean and letting them both all parade in that region and then saying they will go to Europe and we know the danger that they imposed to world this is basically president trump's full but also what do you say about trump tweeting today courage may be releasing some to get U. S. involved to get us involved well this is I mean we all reading cool tweaks about these

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