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We'll champion jockey die young fellow that grew up Donnie? Do we see Myron Your Power Jimin Mandy and lived on a bit of property now thirty on us to use a guy you get voted world champion Jockey to was that a surreal feeling to flaw in applying I've of the of the world and accept that trophy all songs I was yeah I didn't think a bit on gas really on Lean obviously that time off back of winks Korean that's interesting have the voting is done online obviously they pick the top one hundred group on writers What I nominate one hundred group one races as the top one hundred of outings don on that system and of course God winks win sort of I I it rises seven group once and then she came back and won the next ye so guide me a little bit of a saloon passage Gina the point scoring the apart from that they'll have a great I think two or three one winners in Hong Kong and of course that Japan cop at the end of the wasn't amazing evil clean I'll never forget it I mentioned you're thirty nine years if I do you have talked to reflect or just too busy seven days a week rice rotting and and rotting away may like winks you don't really get Tom to reflect as simple as that forget yesterday move onto the next day on very much looks forward not backwards anyway But I did tight Tom as we all know off two weeks as retirement to two months off we employees indeed and that did give me Tom to reflect not only on Wync spit on myself and my family and I think you know there was enforces might for myself in those closest to me other laws for we for that success to be able to happen and you know we won't get and later in the show but that's one of the reasons that Japan Cup win was you know very very special to me every will dive into wings a little bit later on but he started you apprenticeship with Rawson but Beth ninety seven you kicked in where you're a natural joke no it wasn't very far from it does natural horsemen natural raw reading how law I can remember the Pony Club from before school up until I define and up until the I just started right shorting really and at the idea of wells Lawson's windows fief doing in the school holidays and fortunately my parents had all the allman had a little bit of an association with Billy Ass Browse through through the eyes of when Neil Molly was trying and bill used erode from a grandfather father and he's waffling and trying to of course and was the leading trainer in the Central District at the Are Yeah I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to go with them and having billy as mentor and a God was instrumental in more development as a jockey because as I said it was very unnatural to me because I'd never had really any any experience in the professional sort of horseracing had Google's at the guy was fosters you could when you're young fellow on great holes for night absolutely tight control and bought with you but you can learn so much experiences remember I began with one and let it rip you thought all that adrenaline at the I was actually in the Paddick Moore other with the main and I didn't quote now what else in for to be honest when we winner in we've done a favorite a half pice together but we'd never really let one go yeah I'll never actually forget that the win going through the skull Cap and was a bit a little bit fraud to be honest but you'd left the Albanian edgy he was distant well he sort of went off before he saw Moore horse teams but all wasn't quite ready for the experience as a bit yeah also bit it goes through but it was something that certainly got more adrenaline going and students today who'd you love who'd you love growing up we gotta have role models to simulate the why we want to go about it and get your first period Jodi get your new helmet and then all of a sudden you rod in trawls as an apprentice then you get your ticket who is sitting back on the couch just white and have that I the rice is in Washington going to be that jockey wouldn't be Rice's Darren Beadman Darren beadman and billy I suppose when I was in Ba'athist but before I started my apprenticeship Darren and shine door were dominating the group uh-huh and I were the two that really captured more attention what was it a bad behavior in that you loved just the just he's strengths and he's consistency but as I said it as a four thousand fifteen year old I wasn't really paying attention local would these days but I guess the success and the fact that he in China just come on the best drawers and it was just tit for tat as to who got on the best one and I almost took it in turns chemically c'mon babe and left Android and slip it used to run a little bit short on up as underneath the chain the at the flower hey the billy Oughta look yeah I wasn't as attracted to the show on the white shine Reuters posed Darren because it familiar to say no little actual but he's a hall of Famer and he was very effective at it but familiar personally it was something that I couldn't see myself emulating Iraq and foot knee on Huey a lot of the guys Roy with the bull the Atto side that's Moi that's more for the ball at the guys across the Bolo Tie and that's the that's it what you'd like to rob with your foot running wise APP Well to be honest when I'll start to do that that's had billy road and that's sad download to in the early days I think he ended up running these telling you towards the end but certainly when all star he had full for me on but was always instructed Nelin certain terms they're all Mahfoud foot me on and that's exactly what I did and when I moved to see me after being to successfully easy and buses Leeann and billy we moved to Sydney in all of these more chance to develop into one of the big voice started drawing McCowan the on how to hold stumble was also Tallinn's actually that it just stumbled at the four hundred million American rain we can call Aubert's Hayden are truly believe foof four foot in the on or wouldn't have fallen off it so after six weeks on the saw lawns mirthless six weeks hurt mnay that welcome back back in and of never changed that was it suits you and your stall he say you move from the country the city it's a big big landscape China for you and fast hard but um took two thousand and nine nine year two thousand nine hundred eighty nine hundred ninety nine I should say in two thousand dollars rising seasons in two years year apprenticeship you become Laden apprentice you must have had great opportunities but made the most of it well how did great opportunity had a great granting hundred hundred wieners in the country opinion to Sydney to Rome Quinton in done in Raleigh June nineteen on as it was you just said and I had a great deal of experience but harm you had no country climbing provincial climbing to three kilo climate the city nail was the beneficiary of system charged with offenses which split the categories up to country provincial and city so a regained three kilo alantic provincials and obviously sustain the three kilo climate the country so that that guy I mean eighty winners decline that I wouldn't have had well it didn't have one on issues moved to Sydney so that that really opened the door for opportunity the deformity and yeah I'll think road at provincial Saturday meetings Kimmel Newcastle for four weeks once we got started within the ninety nine season and on the road three three trebles onto doubles and then of course the big boys went to Melbourne yep more opportunity in this in Sydney and had a great season winning the apprentices total exterior winners I think you might be able to help these sad Answer these questions what did we put apprentice on more Victoria and not in Sydney I think the cease to be different into the you've got more dominant China Zied me was even the case back then you had waterhouse and hawks dominating so if it suited them to use an apprentice I would but I tend to use the jockeys and that same sort of dominance has continued on in Sydney with a small number of China's dominating but also the realities the apprentices system in Victoria is far better than UCF wild north thing as much as writing ucs while I was gonNA heading every area that's one area that that all on the boards a working on but it certainly

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