China Indicates Trade War Talks With The U.S. Are Improving


President trump went on twitter yesterday to note a record high in the stock market. A new record the president wrote enjoy exclamation point the market rose after reports reports that the US and China had had agreed to rollback some tariffs between the two countries. Now an important thing to note is those reports came from China's Commerce Ministry. There has been no official announcement on this yet from US negotiators but White House. Press Secretary. Stephanie Grisham told Fox News that negotiations are moving in the right direction and I can not get ahead of talks with China but we are very very optimistic that we will reach a deal soon and and hopefully have some good news to report or that was White House Secretary White House press secretary. Stephanie Grisham we now have a different White House official trade advisor Peter Navarro on the line. Good Morning Mister. Naral thing our you today very well. Thanks thanks so China came out and said there is phase one of a deal we're going to agree to lift some tariffs on each other the US and China the US has not confirmed that yet. Can you confirm. Is there a deal as their phase. One deal I can confirm that. There is no agreement to remove any of the existing terror as a condition of signing interface. One deal and the only person who really can make that decision is President Donald. J trump If you don't hear it from Bowser sure Robert Lighthizer trade representative than It's not a real and if you don't hear from President trump that did come right out of the the administrative propaganda as it were. In China. was widely misreported. The products. Talk about that. If there's no deal to roll back tariffs wise China in a saying there. Is You referenced propaganda. What do you think is going on here? Well some companies joking me yesterday as the real negotiations which. I don't really start until you have a handshake shit. Deal is worth what we had October Basically they're they're trying to renegotiate or retrieve the October deal I don't fault all Kim for that's kind of what they do but the reality is What is on the table is there's terrorists coming in December December fifteenth We would would be willing. I think again. It's up to the president to postpone those terrorists realize but let's remember December fifteen th one but not roll back any existing terrorists. That's the fine distinction here but the terrorists are really necessary defense against China's economic aggression against the United States. They are also the only insurance policy. We have China will come to the negotiating table embark faith and if you give away any of the existing terrorists run the very real. Don't risk that you'll never get to phase two or three and I. I think your listeners need down or stand that there's there's seven things we're trying to get done and the phase one only gets about two of them done I WanNa ask you about the The possibility that the US would back off on the tariffs that are scheduled for December fifteenth. Now that's one hundred hundred sixty billion dollars of tariffs on Chinese products mostly on consumer electronics. You're saying maybe the US would would would not do that. Would not tariffs on those products. Why why is that? Well we have terrorists on Existing products The the additional channel terrorists That we would be put in place are would be a goodwill gesture to get us to phase two or three again the idea would be to To maybe wait a little while but I you know not my place here negotiate in public. which is what the Chinese were doing yesterday? I think what's important to the American people understand is is is that China is actively engage economic regression. They commit what I call the seven deadly sins It's force technology. Don't have time for all seven. I'm so sorry although I do throw the American people understand. We are getting hammered by China and I think they do they really broad support from American people on President you in trump's tough stand on China bipartisan support on Capitol Hill. That's it is. There is a wrinkle here. Though for the president we have had in this country. Three straight months of manufacturing contraction that is unusual we've had job losses in manufacturing in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These are states that the president wants to win manufacturers openly. Blame the trade war. The president must have people telling him. It's time to move on this right. I would assume don't dispute all of what you're saying. They're basically what I'm saying is in the numbers just Yes hidden despite the evidence Obama abiding years they lost two hundred thousand manufacture just ask. You aren't the numbers we've added five hundred thousand in manufacturing jobs. The unemployment rate is the lowest sentenced Ben since man walked on the moon wages rising life. Life's good for America's better than than it was during the previous administration. I myself when you work. Every single day. Trying to create good manufacturing coaching jobs for the real mobility this country people who work for their hands president trump's doing a great job in that and I can take through the baronet Wisconsin Oshkosh. It was constantly Lima Ohio York Pennsylvania. Greenville South Carolina. I'll take you there. We go on a tour. I'll show you all the good manufacturing jobs Mr Navarro top losses. Your those are still occurring. Wait how straight advisor. Nabil thank you so much for taking the time we really appreciate it.

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