National poll: Biden, Warren and Sanders locked together at top of primary


A monmouth university national poll came out right before I recorded courted. This and it does not move the needle for any candidates trying to get into the November or December. DNC debates at the same time it does offer some support for the ongoing in media narrative of a three way race at the top as always margin of error. I was plus or minus five point three percent which is a little high because the overall sample size is a little low anyway. MONMOUTH is a well. Regarded pollster so here. We go reading from a summary of the poll in politico by Zach montemurro quote. The Democratic primary has no clear leader. A new national poll conducted by Monmouth University shows with former vice president. Joe Biden and Senators was with Warren and and Bernie Sanders locked in a tight race in the poll a full two-thirds of voters back one of the top three candidates Biden and Warren or each at twenty three percent support while Sanders is at twenty percent. No other candidate is in double digits. A clear dividing line between the top three candidates and the rest to the field South Bend Indiana Mayor P Buddha judge sits at nine percent senator. Kamala Harris has five percent and Senator Cory Booker and Andrew. Yang are at three percent each all. The other candidates are below that mark and quote all right. So there's that but the other key item from this poll has to do with electability has time marches ever closer to actual voting voters are taking a closer look at the candidates and trying to sort out whether they feel these people could win in general election weeding once more from politico quote Warren and Sanders. Were both able to close and electability gap in the minds of voters between themselves and Biden Democratic voters were asked to rate on a scale of one to ten A.. Candidates likelihood of defeating president. Donald Trump Biden's average score was seven point three while Warren's was seven point one and Sanders was seven point O. Biden's average score slightly decreased since a monmouth poll. We'll ask that question in June while both Warren and Sanders is score increased and quote so we have three candidates with pretty similar polling being very similar numbers and eighty nine days until the Iowa Caucus. So I'm beginning to think that a three way split coming out of Iowa is a pretty. Are you strong bet this

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