Raiders' Burfict suspended for rest of season


Let's move to Indianapolis. We're vont is perfect was up to his old tricks yesterday getting from the raiders win over the coals for a dirty already hit on tight end Jack Doyle for blew kisses to the fans on his way out but he also just kissed the whole season goodbye with the NFL suspending the controversial linebacker actor for the rest of the year explaining the perfect history of rules violations was a factor in the decision question here is should Baez Bursik pick be allowed to play in the NFL again at all. Oh yeah absolutely this is just the next step in terms of penalty and severity of pounding when you you talk about this so season long who five million dollars basically just burned up again on top of the four point. Two million dollars in fines and loss is game checks. He's already accrued over his career this so yeah he deserves another chance you know part of the opportunity that it comes from penalty is the redemption so you gotta give them that fell. XFL No no no not yet twenty nine NFL why I look this takes us back. Let's not get too political denying these strikes law remember that you how does that look in history. Now I get it yes. There's the league common called the XFL for X. NFL players early in the morning I was it's like I watched a highlight video of his collection of hits and then I thought they had problems with this dude at Arizona state over dirty hit yeah. XFL Noman Trust your gut. Your intuition is six million times faster than cognitive dot and you know what that means. Whatever you felt I is what you should have went with those star watching it over and over again and talking yourself into a different mindset. XFL I'm wit coming back next year. People are resting in the hall of fame that made their careers off of hitting the way Vantera perfect hits so the reality and that's truth. That's not up for debate. You can you know the NFL chains changes in it evolves but the reality of it is is that now we're looking at what what we talked about and discussed before with this crisis is the is there officials crisis this is there a player safety crisis and this is yes screams yes because the reality of it is. Is that a targeting hit yes but make me play. Agai- they can agree just enough to say he shouldn't play again. I don't I disagree with that. He should be able to play a game salute after he spent a year to the XFL proving. He knows how to play football the ball. I say bringing back the been fined for for July updates a lot. We have a number on that because I know it's a lot because this isn't the first time we've talked about these issues shoes in Arizona State. He's had a history of this throughout his career and being an offensive player. Obviously has a team. I see why you signed A. I think how what does it take. I have kids and so I can tell my child to keep they keep doing the same thing over and over and over again but they're learning by the time they get older. I would expect for them to stop doing this Bontes burfoot. He has not learned. I'm saying look you're going to jeopardize people. You hidden man in the top of his head. Who Miss Could Win got even worse. Maybe cracks his neck naked. Guy Can't play anymore. You're not learning then. You're blowing kisses on top of it after you've been through all that much trouble. I say I hate to say this but obviously you need a little break. Take not more than just this year. You're not learning told me thirteen suspense. That's it. That's it that's thirteen. You've got to me got taken away. His the thirteenth strikes law. I always I'm always I've always been a perfect apologised. I love the way he plays I love his passion. If you know the guys he's an awesome young man. I just just I get it and I totally agree with where you're coming from. What you're saying Oh when I said it wasn't I just think I just think that it is truly rooted and the players safety crisis that the NFL we know that deal with what's not in it for him. this is what makes them and this was going to break. Kim Is the fact that he knows he has limited physical skills. So what he's always done is make up for that the curse of the gifted in a sense of he knows he's not so gifted so he's going to go out there and try me knows exactly knows what how physical here's smash everything about this from launching lean to the duck head am basically trying to spear somebody. They've been trying to tell this do for six years. Cut that out. God is not allow. He refuses to accept that and whatever it's rooted in. They got rules that up to prevent it. He won't follow follow him. I get it I've talked to people that swear by volunteers perfect off the field and on the field he was a captain this year. No I get it but people wearing off all to fear those of us did watch him on the feels like hey man and I'm defended him in the past but this is a bridge too far. Let me ask you this. Why didn't the NFL suspended for life. That's an option. Why not probably be because they plan on him? Perhaps returning to the NFL fail but I'm the question where I wouldn't do you wouldn't do. I wouldn't let this do go playing Vince McMahon's Lee and show me some proof before I ever allowed you back back in the NFL because I'm GonNa tell you this man. I'm GonNa tell you this what the NFL has to be worried about. Let's say let him back in and he does paralyzed by the next time they're going to be involved in the lawsuit that comes to that's true. You seen this guy thirteen times. You've seen Antonio Brown. All kinds ads guys and you kept let me back in the league the lease hands maybe tied this this remained the suspension made this be the first step the bigger the bigger or conversation is you have to do this and you have to set the standard in the bar so nobody else decides to slip back. That's why he needs to go with that. But now you agree when I once told me said I totally understand y'all's

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