Trump can’t win in 2020. But Democrats can lose.


Our next guest says Donald Trump can't win reelection but the Democrats kratz shirt can lose it so over the weekend some of the President's Republican allies in Congress. There are many wasted no time defending him as pressure builds now over over this impeachment inquiry. I think this whole thing is a sham. I can't believe we're talking about impeaching the president based on an accusation based on hearsay. Look Look Democrats wanted to impeach because Rudy Giuliani talked to a couple of Ukrainians and good luck with that. What do you make of this exchange. Presidents Alinsky says we are almost ready to buy Roy Moore from the United States for defense purposes and president trump replies. I would like you to do us a favor though you just added another word no favor though yesterday in the transcript so that's kind of how that went and with us us for more tonight is Rick Wilson Longtime Florida Man Longtime Republican strategist who is soon following up on his first book. Everything trump touches dies with a new Work Ryan against the devil which is due out in early twenty twenty. It is a thrill to have you as always thank you sir so tonight. I am reminded Sean Spicer danced to Saturday night fever on dancing with the stars and Sebastian Gorka is on board a US government plane with our secretary three of state going to Europe. We saw that selection of trump allies. There's a whole population the people in Washington who think this might be ballgame here. There are a lot of very nervous folks right now and they're thinking that they've tried to hide in the tall grass for a long time they play the Magi game when they have to and they quietly whispered reporters. I'm really concerned. My Brow is furrowed. I'm deeply deeply troubled and they understand that there's a point where you can't can't just keep pretending and we're rapidly reaching the point where you can't just keep pretending and you know what was bill bar doing in Italy. Why are they making. These phone calls to Australia. We want more the details about Ukraine Gorkhas probably in Europe pitching fish oil tablets or whatever it is he does for a living now but these guys are all of the peace there this flotsam watson around trump so many involved in this and I hope they're all tonight pondering second mortgages so they can lawyer up. Can you imagine what it feels like for the Aussies as a lover and appreciator of history there we were side by side on the beaches of Normandy what we want from them now a little information so help us help us blackmail a competitor in a political election the US they're trying to extort foreign powers by using the Awesome Awesome Majesty of the President's Office and the powers of the United States government trying to extreme. It's just it's the lowest level thug behavior. I have a dramatic reading from the twitter account of Jonathan Martin with New York Times. It's about politics and you're political party. The squeeze is on Republicans left in high income congressional districts and states here is college plus Weitz. I just love how demographers instantly reduce entire groups of Americans against forty six percent already for impeach and remove fifty two percent for the inquiry fifty-seven percent believe trump thinks he's above the law just one percent percent fewer believe he abuses the power of his office fifty one percent believe he's committed crimes as president so you start thinking wow the Republicans should be very nervous us then. I look at Rick Wilson. Down and trump can't win reelection but the Democrats can certainly lose it. It's an old problem explain. The Democrats crafts have a great gift for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory unless they have generational candidates who are who are who have phenomenal skills they had to in our lifetime they had Barack Obama and they had Bill Clinton who are both naturally gifted political figures. They understand how to connect with people. They have charisma for days. None none of the current field reaches that level of performance and I think the danger that I've seen coming at the at the Democratic Party for a long time. Now is a lot of them. I'm still believe that this is going to be a referendum about policy. Selections a referendum as all presidents relations are about trump. They are all referendum. All the referendum referendum thought in this election is going to be trump or not trump ex future or wife future. If you want is trump's kicking you in the face until all eternity well well then re elect Donald Trump. If you want to argue about policy your re-electing Donald Trump it's you've got trump hands them right now the opportunity to go after him as a man who is corrupt corrupt who was ineffective and who was who has led this country into a place where the reputation of our president as as as an extortionist and a mercenary when our president tosses tosses out a reference to a civil war right. I think that that is again. This is a way to make a referendum on this man what kind the president in this country other than the unless he's Got Jefferson Davis fantasies wants to go out and have their reputation. Be You know re tweeting and praising somebody nobody who who's threatening a civil war if he doesn't get to operate above the law if he doesn't get to be unaccountable in every way and that this is the kind of thing that trumpism has normalized in our country and it's a great danger. Brian Jeff Flake Consensus Hall of fame furrowed Brow Hall of fame member Concern Concern Face Hall of fame member says to his fellow Republicans is there still time to save your souls others remember flake like as the guy who saved cavanaugh right before skipping town not the best guy to make that argument look I would prefer and there it will be a tremendous first-mover advantage for some seated member of the US Senate right now to make that point and to recognize that Donald Trump will drag every single one of them under and they will drown and die politically if they don't start breaking away. This is the problem that nine hundred seventy three and seventy four caught us in nineteen seventy-three. The Republicans were lockstep on Nixon. If you go back it was all it's a media conspiracy against the president. It's liberal elites against the president well in one thousand nine hundred eighty four the voters of the United States decided that fifty four forty nine Republicans needed to go home forever and that eight members of the Republican Senate needed to go the home forever. This is a political consequence of a corrupt president who abuses power right now donald trump and the thing about Nixon Nixon was not about money. Nixon was not about Personal Game Nixon was in the game because that was his character trump is venal trump wants political power so he can continue can you to enrich himself and his family and this is a category above even Richard Nixon and that takes a lot of doing Rick Wilson a thank you so much this survey serves a pleasure to have you on our

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