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For the annual toilet bowl i'm talking jags titans thursday night football dave this game p you but we're going to bet it and we're gonna watch everything in your brain should say take titans jazz you get ramsey asking for trade you get no quarterback the titans are pretty good they won their first game they lost it's a tough one do i think a pretty decent colts team so how in the world could you not take titans here well that's why because how in the world could not take the titans using that logic which i use here just giving me record i know chirp chirp chirp the birds chirp hey folks listen i was five into last week impedance seven hundred one hundred thirty one hundred eight i went do not listen to the noise listen to me i'm going the opposite of what every brain should say i'm taking the jags because i hate the i love the jags for real because there you love him because because because you love them all right all right don't take titans you love him for real love the jags that's what you do to the debts due to the titans you'll love them you love the jags i love the jags because you'll up the titans i love the jags because i love the jags defensive of the thursday night you gotta travel gravel gardner minhsiu little gunslinger little word they like to say dave moxie he's got max i like mock you like that guy you like me who's the guy from uh-huh from the high school movie john moxley john mark slurs that he blew varsity blues with the names john knox marxist ause creek rick yeah mocks mocks maassen johnny jon moxley whipped cream bikini that's not ali larter is names actually mocks jon jon moxley marks elliott laura i don't think we're prem- bikini statue titans if you like the jags because you like the jags taking it i liked the jags because i liked the jags i'm picking titan gardner menchu's got that moxie he's got that johnny mocks oh what is his name is johnny mosley smock alley lauder e just hit us over the head with a quarterback named mocks on march like mocks his name is literally mache alley women ever to live backs i'm taking the titans if you like the gym i i feel cheated adversity blues didn't think we were smart enough to be able to figure out the subtlety of a quarterback having moxie mocks you just call the mocks jags johnny big arm you're hot woman i'm taking listen no tight y'all i'll do this dave let's make this this is going to be our thursday nights lock off loser has to do next thursday night with a whip cream top i love love it for next thursday by dow alley law i can't pronounce your alley water in her prime paul with any human whoever live i'm taking the titan wearing the out l. gangrene bikini next week it'll be gross in repulsive all right so jaguars free titans aden's minds valley

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