Apple takes fight against 13-billion-euro EU tax order to court


Because apple is beginning its tax showdown with the European Union that's as the iPhone maker takes on the EU competition commissioner migrate to vest there to fight a record thirteen billion euro tax bill both sides will make that case in the general court in Luxembourg over two days for more Bloomberg's Maria today and joins us from Luxembourg. what can we expect from today's hearings. good morning world it is a huge hearing there is a lot of application here there's a whole army of lawyers that worked on the case for a long time now and eventually the European Commission again the government is our land and apple would just give you the contact of course is all good fax you a decision that was made a twenty sixteen by the European Commission they claimed that apple had eventually paid too little tax in Iraq at the death so that his country specially allowed it to do so are professionally and violated would end the European languages so that is the eight the claim here is that they have to pay back a year is what striking a ready the core the tension here the Irish government did not want the money back they actually appealed the decision the state they didn't do their their corporate reputation is really at stake but also the fact that they've become so dependent on American tax for jobs and investment they want to make sure that they can do that the point is that it does the European Commission against a member state of course you have apple commodity did nothing wrong this is just a political decision and they will also appeal it okay yeah of course the that from the perspective of this it it had tension Europe around around the world all it wants to attract business they they so that so so you upon the wall a but there's a big a principle at stake isn't that the appearance of vesting as saying that it's about fat international tax rules the ramifications though for America's biggest tech firms absolutely huge. it is and many will tell you this verdict kid essentially change the legislation gold will work from the European Commission asked the court does find their arguments were valid it's a bold and that you mention it get ready to pull the became a hero thing you said had been very helpful American tax she's been very vocal about the fact that they need to pay more taxes and you're about to really change the Irish corporate structure. the way multinational not just apple but everything will take American companies operate in Europe we often knows the Facebook there are profits and sales. kids like our our that you think you're really change thanks for them and I think you also have to see this and the contact as the trade or the tree tension with all right president trump come I stated that does a lot to do with politics than the the core of the issue here is ultimately that's there he the United States of America the commission of course denies all of that the basic districts ready about for tax and another point I suppose Marie and this is not going to vest the is now very senior in the E. U. more senior than she was and has the power perhaps to do far more of this. totally he is the competition commissioner she will be back but have been are actually give them more power than a concert you digital operations and the European Union and you also have to keep in mind there are a number of probes not just this one that are still open and potentially you could see more action from back there and work for you and in fact when you look at. that are looking at that he's all tell you that the verdict you're ready signaled the way these cases are still pending can't call I do have to say just to make it clear everyone here is really expect and this will be a very long legal battle that will ultimately not and here this is the second highest court will probably go all the way to the European Court of justice okay say say little small this issue thank you so much that spring break movie today is joining us live from blocks of gold they said massive

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