STEMinists: Mary Engle Pennington


Should all feel grateful towards she advanced the science related to a key appliance. You use every single day and probably take for granted the refrigerator. We're talking about. Mary Engle Pennington Mary Engle Pennington was born in eighteen seventy two in Nashville Tennessee see soon after she was born Mary's family her mother father and younger sister moved to Philadelphia to be closer to her mother's wealthy quaker relatives. Mary's parents ordered their daughters interests and hobbies as a result. Mary learned to garden with her father. At a young age she also Oh love to read and spent hours on end at her local library. It was there that she had her first break. Through all reading the book on Medical Chemistry Mary Very was studying a chapter on nitrogen and oxygen when something clicked she later told The New Yorker. I realized Liberty Hoop that although I couldn't touch taste or smell them the really existed it was a milestone. Mary was twelve years old when she had that. Aha moment and from that point on she wanted to learn everything she could about chemistry. Unfortunately the rest of society wasn't so keen on Mary's budding in curiosity at that time studying scientists considered unladylike. Mary tried to convince the head of her boarding school to allow her awesome instruction in chemistry but the headmistress refused still Mary's fascination with medical book didn't go away she went to the university -versity of Pennsylvania which was located near her house and demanded a professor there. Give her some instruction. Despite the fact that she was still only twelve years old the professor told her he would consider teaching her if she learned to read and spell the words in the book and returned when she was older though she didn't didn't return to that specific professor she did return to the University of Pennsylvania in eighteen ninety s she was the only woman in her class and studied chemistry and biology in the university town scientific school to earn a certificate of proficiency she had to settle for that instead of a Bachelor's slurs degree which was denied due to her gender nevertheless she returned and earned a PhD in the same field in eighteen ninety five the University of Pennsylvania was one of the only schools to get doctorate degrees to women at that time after graduating with her PhD. Mary created her own lab. The Philadelphia Clinical Laboratory to analyze different bacteria. She took aim at the ice cream supply she she educated farmers about safety practices while handling raw milk in order to prevent outbreaks of sickness in Nineteen Zero Five Mary Bet Harvey Wiley a famous chemist and the two began working together on cold storage and refrigeration the next year thanks in part art to Harvey Wiley the Pure Food and drug act passed which tightened regulations on food labelling and safety the government created the bureau of chemistries mysteries food research lab to help fulfill the safety requirements outlined in the law and Harvey Wanted Mary to be in charge after all she got the top top score on the exam required to enter Federal Service. Harvey was so sure that Mary was the best choice but he tried to conceal the fact that she was a woman woman. I referring to her only as Emmy Pennington on the necessary paperwork his trickery was soon discovered but harvey continued the fight by arguing that Mary couldn't be denied simply on account of gender. Mary was hired to leave the lab her work in that lab established. The foundation of today's food knowledge that keeping bacteria count low and refrigerated foods like milk eggs and cheese is instrumental to food safety. She also also developed standards for processing chickens for food led an investigation of the refrigerated boxcar and served on Herbert hoovers war food administration station during World War One in nineteen nineteen. Mary left her work for the federal government to continue research in her own lab about the safety of frozen foods foods through her later research. She discovered that freezing food was a more viable storage method than canning or smoking during her career. Mary won the Garvan Olin Medal the highest award given to women in the American Chemical Society in Nineteen twenty-three she was is recognized by the American Society of heating refrigeration and air conditioning engineers as the greatest American expert on home refrigeration. She's also also in the National Women's hall of fame throughout her career. Mary encouraged young women to participate in the sciences including her own meese who also went on to pursue a stem degree. Mary passed away in a hospital in nineteen fifty two. She was eighty years old. Today we might take Mary and go Pennington Science for granted but she helped save millions of lives by educating society about food safety

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