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It is finally here the world championships the Breeders Cup for the thirty six time and for the tenth time at Santa Anita it's time to handicap the world championship hip and for that we bring into our experts one we've had regularly and one for the first time we welcome back Ed Derosa of the brisket handicapping service and for the first time we bring in Molly Joe Rosen we followed her on twitter a lot it's good to finally bring her onto the show so again we said we're not going to handicap all of these races were GonNa pick the seven or so that we think have really good competition and will go with those and we'll start on the Friday card with the juvenile a race that has been diminished a bit with the defection of one of the early favorites Max field for Godolphin so we're really left with three big horses here to talk about Denis's moment the favourite eight rings and Scabbard Dennis's moment has been very consistent through his writer in his debut and then just missed a track record at Ellis Park can you really call a two year old and overwhelming favourite. What do you think here let's start with molly I think it's right open race I could not touch horse at eight to five not as you said not with two year olds you know making third and fourth fifth career starts I mean to me that just is crazy and I love him think he's phenomenally talented could wind up being the second coming of Secretariat obviously he's a freak of nature having won his to really his to start saying oh he's got that through the writer and the debut but you know he's one by twenty one lane I mean you can't knock a horse like that Dale is great with these types of horses he's prepped well he's looked great you know you take nothing away from him but eight to five in a eight Horsfield because not a MAC field scratch I can't touch a horse at eight five I do think it is a really wide open race I'm GonNa look at other horses you know take nothing away from eight rings also a horse who has done nothing wrong also worth who lost a job I do think a horse like scabbard for me is more interesting this is a horse who breaks his maiden by five then steps up and they had some has some learning to do and Eddie neely is great with these types of horses and I think if you're looking for price and you don't WanNa go towards one of the more so obvious sources for me a horse like Scabbard who's on the improve has really done nothing wrong in his career but you know seems to have maybe you have to overcome some some tendencies to find rebel trips of course to me like Scabbard is super intriguing? Ed What do you think well we're we're going to write off the rip because I'm all in on Dennis's moment and he's the only horse I'm using molly Jo Sung as praises appropriately and with the scratch AMAC's field unfortunately is is backers aren't even eight to five now so if that wasn't good enough for you Molly Joe I'm sure you're not gonna be happy with even money or six to five but the this horse You know the maiden win at Alice just blew everyone stores off so what can you say super professional in the Iroquois though defacto second career start I read got a handle for this horse got to test drive them so to speak and we've seen Dale ship out to the who've no at Santa Anita perform well with not this time it was second do horse I had a lot of respect for classic empire so I think he's early the horse to be an in a very competitive Friday car he's my big single day I'm with Molly I think scabbard had some trouble in finishing second today this is moment in the Iraq war and I think it's GonNa come down to those two I'm not discounting Dennis as moment but I think scabbard has to be more seriously considered than five to one lead move to the filly and mare sprint I'm really torn here about cafe when we get to the Saturday card I mean she won the Edgewood and the Miss preakness so maybe I'm not as impressed as other people are by the way she runs ed can she run her race from the rail She can for me either the bigger question and the rail is a question the bigger question is is shipping out west and she is not coming for a bar and that is it's been out there very long Dale with Dennis's moments that we talked about shipped out about a week ago see Asmussen's been there with his crew for seven her week so I am eager to see how horses on Friday to that hadn't chipped in versus the ones that have been there awhile local horses etc if I perceive a bias in that regard that might sway me offer as the favorite I will say on raw talent I absolutely think she is the best filly in this field for test was incredible energy titan or Churchill albeit against lesser was what you would want to see he coming into a race like this offer race like the test so I'm a believer but keeping an open mind and this is one of those cases where I am going to use information as it becomes available throughout the Friday card to see how liberal liberal I wanNA use her on Saturday molly what do you make of come dancing I'm not saying how do they poll she's got two and a Half Lake leaving don the destroyer next toward the inside at third special relativity first half of the year then the second half clearly has talent what do you make of her you know she's obviously you know a a really really lovely horses cool to see Carlos Martin on the big stage I I've known Carlos a real long time and he's just a phenomenal horsemen and She did have you know crazy good first half of the year her her win margins were certainly bigger flashier there was certainly more space there but running second to midnight visa in the VIPs you know other than that she's comeback her ballerina was beautiful her gallant bloom was beautiful I do worry a little bit about whether or not she can run in a straight I'm and that especially at Santa Anita we've seen over the years what was her name the Philly that ran second to beholder in the the distaff I wanNA say executive privilege we've seen horses who may not be able to run in a straight line not get there in time Santa Anita in the past and that concerns me a little bit when you do have other really consistent Phillies in here like FFA ed do you see attention long shot here in this race because I'm not loving come dancing I liked but don't love cafe what about dawn the destroyer will become a from the back and I guess you were saying you gotta see the Friday card to see whether anyone really can close at Santa Anita but what do you think about a long shot here that's actually and afterward oh so is this a matter where if you don't like the two favorites you chuck them and use them all I could see that as a strategy especially if you really where let's move to the turf to the mile not the dirt mile we'll get to the dirt mile let's go to the Turf Mile and here you've got to Phillies the headliners got stormy and Uni but now you've got circus maximus with a real European threat here it's not been the best year for eight and O'Brien really do you trust circus maximus here not in any way shape size or form and not at that price just in case you're wondering if I

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