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Under Armour's Outgoing and Incoming CEOs Discuss the Company's Future


There's been a changing of the guard at under armor Kevin plank is stepping down as the CEO of the sports apparel company he started in nineteen ninety five jun Patrick Frisco under armors president and C. O. O. will step in as a new C. E. O. as of January first and Bloomberg's Caroline hide sat down with the outgoing and incoming CEOs to talk about the leadership transition CO often twenty three he is having that's found in this business started in in your grandmother's basement well the cast list for the change now I think it's a it's a it's a great opportunity for some first of all this is completely my decision of course in concert with a terrific board directors something will work out for a while really since she joined your two and a half years ago and that was for the process of getting to know each other and work with each other and understand what the vision is but you know recently been talking about this idea of moving from defense to offense were you seen as in transformational last few years and really it's it's just the perfect opportunity for the business to do that and what I think is really gives us is this ability for freedom is because as we were growing it's difficult because this patcher kept sending the organization you know moving things underneath the Patrick it was whose hands are on the wheel and I wanna make sure that something is always clear it's impossible to be affected if that's not the case and so my move into this role of being executive chairman and branch chief I still have the ability to work and do the things I think I need to do to happen the organizational out there during the day to day and I can get you the vision think on behalf of the business defend itself and the vision spend it for us because you say in the release that is time the realization of its full potential what is the full potential of honor on the full potential we laid out we believe quite quite good last year in our in our investor day and and you know one of the great things about this transition right now is this the plan you know it's been a planned transition so we worked on it for quite some time he also worked on the plan for quite sometime and not just the two of us but also the entire leadership team in the entire company we're very confident that you know the way we're thinking about the the business right now the way that we're thinking about where we compete athletic performance who were for the focus performer and actually also a brand positioning on the reformers company is going to allow us to continue to be successful inside of a flood of performance and like Kevin said you know as we turn the corner to twenty twenty which is C. from under armors allowed her brand you know we're turning from defense to offense which was planned it all along so we believe the transition now really sets us up to be able to have continuity in leadership consistency in execution ultimately enables us to win you know over the long term ultimately Kevin asked me to come here to to help him you know with the vision of becoming a turn around and that's what we believe we're on our path to doing and you talk about performance performance performance performance rather than say perhaps leisure but you both say that ran on drama talks at the moment gentleman and I I'm guessing it was gonna what kind of some point today but perhaps not immediately say you're going to look for more is this really something you remain very focused upon and showing these are fit for purpose and usable rather than every day wandering around the kitchen you know we we we love that question we love it because we don't look at the two things a separate you know today if you want to appeal to the consumer we know this from all the work we do with consumer insights you have to look good you have to look beautiful and Kevin love to talk about beautiful performance or there is still perform and you know that's how we think about it so the way that people ultimately choose to wear our

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Under Armour's Outgoing and Incoming CEOs Discuss the Company's Future

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