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They focus on the competition between the United States and the Soviet Union without asking about the nature of that competition and what they were competing for in the wake of World War Two hard power so like invading countries and conquering them into submission that had fallen out of favor in fact many countries previously under colonial rule had recently gained into their independence Algeria Nigeria Senegal Uganda India Malaysia just to name a few all these newly independent countries were choosing what kind of government they wanted to be and what allies they wanted to have. Kennedy wanted them to choose democracy and America Project Apollo is one of the prime examples of soft power. You're the United States or the Soviet. The Union and you want an empire. You want to rule the world. Don't force these countries to bend to your will entice them put on a show. The idea of sending humans to the moon was almost deliriously bold but it would prove that the united rated states had the technology the money that firepower and the determination to be a superpower the superpower the ally ally of choice

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