San Francisco 49ers return to form to see off Green Bay Packers


Were a lot of interest last night's Packers game Sunday night football they faced off with when the best teams in the NFC the forty Niners in the bay area is a plus by camel you're all that's great pop with the call Niners radio Greg Papa proud of Syracuse University Ella had a class or two with the fellow you're hearing speak right now this guy yeah Sam Cisco jumped out to a he doesn't know is let's be clear about that I San Francisco jumped out to a twenty three nothing lead at the half and poured it on in the third quarter there's a Rapala that's taken both laughing as Richard James junior there George Kiddle rambling in from sixty one yards with this game away for the Niners moved to ten and one of the year who saw that coming by the way and in one of those actors go forty Niners are thirty seven eight the final Green Bay getting stomped which left their fans heartbroken Green Bay now tied with the Vikings at eight and three atop the NFC north the Vikings host the Packers on December twenty

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