Nuggets win 96-92 after Celtics’ Walker has head injury


Luggage playing games to all four game homestand as they welcome in the number two team in the Eastern Conference the Boston Celtics but in the early going in this one it was all paid for read on your Martin St Louis injuries well Barton who's been amazing all season long is a one of two players in double figures for the negative have medevac will leave the nuggets to score with a Levin point in almost eighteen minutes of action there was a stretch there in the first quarter where the nuggets were all over the Celtics defensively and then often simply they were doing stuff like that Dr two one great but in the this is any worse for Boston I don't know what they were trying to accomplish in ninety six Gary hairs thrown it down in the first quarter and when he wasn't scoring the blue where was very happy to be both hectic almost cold on Amazon gets about two grand shop pocket for gotta do something years word gets yeah crossover wards crossover twice and then he was gone left in it Wanamaker had no idea what happened there small Murray seven points in the first quarter will point to the first quarter the nuggets shot fifty two in an opening frame from the field well the Celtic shot twenty four percent from the field in the first quarter and then a twenty seven to thirteen sort of the second quarter we go and while in the first quarter the nuggets starters played almost the end our first quarter they played eleven of the twelve minutes in the first four in the second quarter it's the bench provided it to a day the problem with mass of the right sideline outsmarting Moore's law to down on the elbow to Mason Plumlee it's a piece backing down Wanamaker grows out of a different for three thirty six to nineteen is a score Denver leads in the nuggets bailed out a little bit there there because want to come down with basic has wanna make around I agree it's got five points and four rebounds just eight minutes of action the First Avenue to close this first happened oops out if you will the thrill inbound ghost will bark he picks it up he's at the cross the time line two seconds left will take a three the new so that was very terrible the fence right there he stepped into it so easily I mean he was wide

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