Joaquin Phoenix, Robin Okay And Dolly discussed on The Empire Film Podcast


So much interest all right so that was Joaquin Phoenix and now is time to round off the show and the time honored tradition of live shows with an audience. QNA Any anything and why the hell would you have have you anything you want to ask these three giggling idiots in front of you then put up your hands and I'm going to take up this microphone and you're GonNa have to come to me because it's a wired microphone and it can only stretch so far so if you come down here unless they're like a comecon style form an orderly queue or his orderly queue. Don't take a leaf the jokers book and hopefully there'd be more than three of you less good excellent all right. I'm coming over now. How are you worried as key fronts the Q. Tossing people that are you were kicking people in the face. It's all good. What's your name Robin Okay. He must like the joker then so what is your question and with Dolly talking earlier about. How can you ever forgive me and Richard E grant famous leaders not imbibe is excellent at playing under the influence. I was wondering because I'm `tatoes last half the empire

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