President Donald Trump announces 'phase one' trade deal with China

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The US and China reached a partial trade on Friday president trump spoke to reporters in the Oval Office after meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Lu both realize for the beginning very important not only for giant only for the US but for the world our Josh Zoom Brune has more from Washington. It's really kind of incredible how far away we are from the sweeping deal that people thought was going to be possible in May it looks like they agreed on a very small number of things it looks like China's going to purchase more US agricultural products and it looks like the US is going to hold on off on a tariff increase that was set to take place in mid October and then what they've said is that they're going to continue working on this they're going to do several phases of D aw to get to their full Fang and this'll be phase one once they finished it they'll start working on a face to the US hasn't made a final decision on whether to impose tariffs set to take effect in December it also wasn't clear whether the administration would follow through on plans to grant licenses for American businesses to sell to Chinese telecommunications Ryan Hallway Trump's trade advisor Robert lighthizer said while way was being considered in a separate process. US stocks rallied on Friday on hopes the two countries would leave this week's talks in Washington with an agreement the S. and P. Five hundred broke a three-week losing streak

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