Key takeaways from Ukraine diplomat Bill Taylor's 'explosive' opening statement


Explosive testimony from was top diplomat in Ukraine Bill Taylor behind closed doors for ten hours and if you read just his fifteen page prepared opening statement you know that trump offered a quid pro quo period full stop end of story according to Taylor this opening statement itself is thorough it is detailed in Act for Taylor to read these fifteen pages took over an hour Taylor telling lawmakers that president trump used the powers of his office to push Ukraine to investigate Biden and the two thousand sixteen election and debunked conspiracy theory linked to that one of the most alarming admissions refers to the text message sent by Taylor to the ambassador to the EU Gordon Sunland back in September let me just remind you of that text message it said are we now saying that security assistance and White House meeting are conditioned on Investigations Solomon Response Calming Well Taylor revealing exactly what was said on that phone call and this comes from the opening statement. I WanNa read some of these lines that are really important he says during that phone call ambassadors Sunland told me the president trump had told him that he wants residents Alinsky to state publicly that Ukraine will investigate Burri sma

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