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Kendrick's slam in 10th inning lifts Nats over Dodgers 7-3, into NLCS


Washington nationals finishes with an exclamation mark the brilliant catch then the **** team to just walk in the regular season or the post season they're moving on to the NLCS seven three and ten they beat the Dodgers Dodgers around in the first round just like the twins when they were swept in the American League by the Yankees Dodgers in twins home for the winter nationals with the seven three win in ten innings events of the NLCS for the second time in franchise history they did in nineteen eighty one as the Montreal Expos they wouldn't ten after how we Kendrick tie breaking grand slam in the top of the tenth inning they would have been there the had they not rallied with back to back home runs on consecutive pitches in the eighth inning off Clayton Kershaw manager Dave Roberts I felt good about playing right there even when you got run down and Soto so I felt that I likely through I don't know what it was couple pitches we had claimed ready for whatever today cantor in this role we really like to get the right hander the success that Claes had again so with a two run lead I'll take Clayton any day in that situation twenty year old one so with the tie a game tying home run into the red donut gone yard as well Homer two doubles three extra base hits in the game on Wednesday that's the nationals posts postseason single game record three extra base hits ties the most in a winner take all postseason game Clayton Kershaw gave up the home runs on back to back pages on the guys in the clubhouse as I

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