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I'm your host Ashley Millennium Manager Coaching Education Diggle the code for Okay Forget. Tom. Thank you for joining me in the studio. It's a pleasure to be always. Appreciate your support on this especially. When we have the technical difficulty I love having you here buddy and also joining us today is calories of the Saint John's Soccer Association. He's the technical director there and with our season two of our podcasts as we've been saying I really WANNA take time to reach out to people in the community see what kind of work is being done in their clubs and their associations and and give people a chance to highlight and say thank you so so kyle reached out to ask because he had a coach in mind and we're GonNa let him take it away. Hi Kyle Good. How're you thank you for taking a phone. Call today and thank you for nominating coach. I with our season to like. I really wanted to start giving back to coaches by recognize them. Especially because has coaching is such a thankless profession at times so I think it's important that people are kind of making that extra effort reaching out to people who are doing cool work in their community and I'm not sure if you've listened to many episodes of the podcast but basically we started at last year to bring coaches like an accessible easy free on go away of of developing their skills a little bit adding some tools to their toolboxes and then yeah this year is really all about getting some coach stories in hearing from from people who've got their boots on the ground what makes a good coach underst- I think a lot of people understand yet to the nose of sports or maybe the strategy behind. I think people do by the get everyone knows that they need to knowing people establishing relationships birthday.

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