Code of Honor Wins Jockey Club Gold Cup via Disqualification


I gotta get your input on what transpired Saturday in the Jockey Club Gold Cup and and I should and I touched on it at the beginning of the conversation about code of honor. It isn't so much that there that there was a a disqualification to me the surprise was that they actually went ahead and acknowledged that kind of a herding Ding incident when in New York for years this this is kind of been allowed and people see it and say it's inappropriate three and why aren't they calling these and then when they called it people were outraged explain first of all what's happening when when a horses versus caring you to two and a half three paths like that well you know the person that's controlling the situation of course is the horse that doing carrying out hurting I was known to be a writer that might do that on occasion I can remember one race in particular and and it was in New York it was all my Juliet and you know that leaving the Gate Change Positions Cordero and I around the turn you know when he wanted to be an inside of course not gonNa let somebody through that was really when you it was almost on on written rule. You're not GonNa let somebody on the insects even if defenses where you WANNA billion they'll come around you around the dern and he'd done from the five fifteen taint dope poll to the quarter pole when they come around you. You're going to hedge them out. When you get to that at a stretch of course you WANNA do the amount of hurting hurting to the point where now it's just about over and you don't WanNa be the insiders that initiate heart contact to the outside when they come to the straight straight of the you know it's the Corvo three sixteenths ball because the purpose of this is everybody says well? You lose growl when you're doing stuff like that. I know what you're doing. Is You're letting your the inside horse. carry the horse to the outside of you out and you both losing some ground of course but you know where you're going and where you're gonNA stop and he has to guess how far out you're going to go and we're going to stop so he's writing his voice out at the point of the elbow times instead of like Cara. Keep going out further and further you stop going out and at the point of the elbow Obo especially if you're strange changes. Let's say it's just around the three sixteenth four area where you stray now. You'll let your horse change. You might even bounce your let your horse kind of sway in a couple with civil horse now when you're worse comes in that couple with a horse that outside or doesn't know Oh that you're going to come in and mmediately at that particular point of the elbow. He's still out there so it is hurting but it can be done in a way that doesn't always cross the line what does cross the line is at that point of the elbow. When you straighten out you still going out a little bit and and you actually cause some contact especially if it's hard contact to the outside or then you gotTa Alvarado got getting taken down? If it's just that a gradual movement out your chances are you'll get away with it. I can remember when we were New York at the Vosper. Angel Good Darrow Crane Claims Sal were similar incident. There was no hard contact but it was gradual movement out and I left him out there and drop back. NFL though he claimed how they left by number of but they did take him down on both Forbes because he bothered horse leaving the gate so it was one of those situations sometimes they don't call it and act on it at the stewarts this particular incident you know I made a statement. Even you know what it's New York. It's a good call would've gotten a call it the same way and other places. Maybe not maybe so you know it was close and a top decision wasn't real black and white you know it had some gray area to the stuarts all if they left it up. We're going to be criticized. I take it down to be criticized. It's that's just the type of incident it is. the only thing that makes like I say an incident like that. Being half fluted Braxton is it that Al when they straighten out there still about with movement of the inside West and it causes some kind of hard contact or what appears to be contact Don

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