Rudolph's agent weighs legal options from melee


Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph's agent isn't ruling out any legal options in the aftermath of the late game melee on Thursday night Jim younger is a his agent I'm gathering all the information and no options have been removed from the table me see if there's anything else in here the agent tweeted about Thursday night's incident after the game there are many risk an NFL quarterback assumes every snap taken on the field being hit on your own covered head by a helmet being swung by a two hundred seventy five pound defensive end is not one of them tonight could have been could have had a catastrophic ending the matter will be reviewed thoroughly that's not going to make things better no it's not no it's not because I was saying if I'm miles Gerrit I'm reaching out to Mason Rudolph I want I want Mason rude off to say I heard from miles Gerrit he was very apologetic in the moment did something wrong and he knows that this will be with him the rest of his career something but it I mean it's not income upon Mason route off to do this but it is on

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