The Splatter Box brings creativity and stress relief to Oregon


If your holiday travels take you south you may want to make a stop in Oregon for some stress relief come was bright Calvert discovers a very colorful way to work out your aggressions from the gate Laura Ellis knew she was onto something is actually the first of its kind in the U. S. business is called the splatter box most of my clientele from out of state I've had people from Alberta Canada Phoenix Arizona just everywhere command the splitter boxes a large black lit room in downtown Albany Oregon where you put on a little safety gear then you're allowed to work out any and all aggression by throwing paint yeah just or even just like we have company and presses everyone obviously because goggles because we don't want anything and eyes that they can just sort of go to town and this is you know just an area where you can see each other it's like goes everywhere and underneath the black lights glow clients of the splatter box throw paints in each other's splattered on the walls he would write messages of peace when their anger has finally dissipated when your session of throwing paint ends the room and you get hosed down you see all this pain comes off with water leaving no evidence of the stress relief you just work through I trade market I looked around I haven't found anything like it the current market cornered so if you plan your drive south this holiday season consider a pit stop in Albany whether you're on your way to or from grandma's house a little color might just be the pressure release you need

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