Prince Andrew's Interview About Jeffrey Epstein Was a Disaster

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Ever. Since Jeffrey Epstein died if an apparent suicide in his cell the correctional officers who were supposed to be guarding him had been in the spotlight in that just this weekend we learned from sources they have turned down plea deals could face criminal charges themselves but remember the implications of this story. Do Not die with Epstein. It's not how Jeffrey died. But it's how he lived and we need to get to the bottom of everybody who was involved with that is alleged victims of course are still very much alive and they say he didn't didn't act alone that there were a cadre of people lining up different underage girls for him to abuse a legal system that kept him from serving hard time and one woman has claimed claimed in court documents that she was trafficked by Epstein so that other high profile men could have sex with her while she was underage one of those high profile men she says was Prince Andrew through the younger son of Queen Elizabeth yesterday the BBC released a long exclusive sit down interview with Prince. Andrew admitted longtime friend of Epstein's in which the Prince was asked pointblank about that allegation. ABC's EVA pilgrimes here. Either what did he say about that present you as categorically denying that one when he even remembers meeting this woman she provided a photo of the two of you together us. Your arm was around her waist. You've seen the photos of soon I grow. How do you explain that? But also that he ever had sex with her and he he spelled out several alibis as to where he was on the night. These different meetings happened with Virginia. Roberts Jofre we now understand is the date which is the tenth of March coach I was at home with the children. I take an interest to a pizza express in working for policy at those allies are now being blasted by critics and it become the fodder for social media at this point on the other thing that BBC kept asking was just why. Why were you hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein in the first place? I think that's the question that a lot of people in the general public had as well you staying at. The house was convicted sex offender. It was a convenient place to stay. This happened in two thousand eight in two thousand ten just months after he got out of Jail Epstein came to New York and he admits he stayed for four days. Went to a dinner party at Epstein Taus but the end of the day with the benefit of all the hindsight that one can have It was definitely the wrong thing to do. He says the reason he came was because he wanted to break off their friendship and he thought it was quote the honorable thing to do I admit fully that the that my judgment was probably blick colored by my TENDENCY TO BE TOO honorable. But that's just the way it is. And I mean a lot of people are going to argue for a long time over whether Epstein assaulted all these different young women but like you said he'd already been convicted of soliciting a minor like convicted done and prince. Andrew was still hanging out with him so he could break off their friendship. He says he said he wanted to make sure he knew that they could not be seen together together anymore. And that was the conversation Coincidence Lou that was photographed which was when I said to him. I said look because of what has happened. I don't think it is appropriate that we should remain in contact and we all know now. There were pictures taken of that meeting of the two of with them together in Central Park. There's that picture. The Daily Mail has of him standing in the doorway of Epstein's home here in New York with a woman. Going out of the door for those pictures. Were all taken in two thousand ten at that time so at the end of the day I mean what does he say about Epstein epsteins legacy. I think one of the things that that people are really talking about today is the fact that he says he doesn't regret that. Initial friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. He found that friendship to be useful full and the dividends of have paid off for him. Do I regret the he has quite obviously conducted himself in a manner unbecoming unbecoming accounting. He was a sex offender. I'm sorry I'm being polite at in the sense that he was a success. But no was. I writes in in in having him as a friend at the time and bearing in mind this for some years before he was accused of being a sex offender wrong. Then I think some people would have questions about if he cut it off at the appropriate the time and if he should have been in contact with them in two thousand ten but he was not in contact with him that we know of at this point after that two thousand ten visit here in New York. NFC ABC's home and the reaction of the UK is just been. This interview was an unmitigated disaster for Prince. Andrew in fact is. PR reportedly resigned after begging Andrew. Not got to do this interview. But the prince says during these visits he never did anything wrong and never saw any indication of unlawful conduct involving underage girls. Either thanks thank thank you

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