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Is your source for Good News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. We're bringing you all of this goodness from beautiful downtown Chicago. We have view running themes on the show. And I think that shows our interests. So that means that we've done a ton of drone stories. He's done a ton of like robot stories sciences science like health and the environment. Some of that is just that it's universal. Yeah like Stephan space we can all we can all talk about is. It's kind of a shared shared experience shared experience. Yeah and it's it's like larger than us we're on this little blue marble and everything else is out there. Yeah Oh my God movie. What's the movie was? Will Smith Breath where he kills alien men in black or thought you were going to say Independence Day. No men in black at the end of men in black they essentially jen like zoom out completely and they should have earth as a real eye opener. Blew my mind honestly. I was a kid when I saw that and I was like Whoa. ooh I watched men in black like last week or the old one because it was. It's on Netflix. Right now like back. There's no way this holds up. Did it a hundred percent the Mo the scene the scene where Will Smith touches that super are bouncing ball and it bounces around headquarters Doug at a long story. Short men in black holds up and yes it does help you to comprehend and our place in the universe game changer. So those are a few of the themes that we pretty regularly dingaan. Yeah we're talking about good news another one. What dining hubs we talk about tiny homes? Sure because they are environmental. They're environmentally Wise Yeah and I think they're generally used in a really pragmatic sense. It's like you build a tiny home because they're cheap. They are sensible and you can build them fast. I'M GONNA share to brief little tiny home. UPDATES okay new tiny home projects is. I think they're super interesting. The first one comes from the city of Milwaukee our neighbors to the north. I've been there. Yeah I love Milwaukee. It's a great town. I think about moving up to Milwaukee. The city of Milwaukee is recently signed off on construction for a community of forty eight tiny homes. That are going to be used to house veterans. They're they're going to be pretty small two hundred forty square feet. Yeah there will be a community center a nice with ten thousand square feet where there will be showers. Kamar bathrooms a kitchen and a commentary. So I like this because it feels like again a very pragmatic way to house. A bunch of people small mall bedrooms but then ever in can meet up in the community area. You still get some privacy. You get to own something and still have a community around you. This is my retirement dream. This is how to retire. My retirement dream is to live on a compound with the people that I like around me just not I wanna have my own space. Of course the so. This is what you're describing is where I WANNA be well. Ten years sign up enlist moved to Milwaukee get a maybe get an an honorable discharge. I think it's a great idea. I think we need more community in the world absolutely so let me let me take you a little further. Other West second-story oh California Oregon. Okay Eugene Oh yeah yeah. Yeah Yeah I like that because it really sounds like a person. It's not oh it's like a the city a medium size in Eugene. They have built Khanna Stober huts. ooh For homeless homeless people in the northwest. And let's give them more than that. Well it's small. It's sixty square feet. So that is one fourth breath of the other tiny homes in Milwaukee so they are small but I think what is really engaging about this project is that they're air kinda stoger's like the wagons that took people west yet so it's got a really specific look and man. These are shape. They're cute so they're twenty five hundred bucks versus a tiny home which could range from ten thousand twenty thousand so it's essentially a really strong tent. Yeah which is why. I think it's a hut rather than a house. They say it the materials that make up. The Hut are well suited for the Pacific northwest climate. Interesting make total sense an eugene. I I think that for twenty five hundred dollars if you can help someone who's hit a rough patch. Oh yeah you're thinking as an intern to help them sort of get back on their feet and even if they stay there for a a long time that seems like a in the grand scheme of things good use of that chunk of change to tiny tiny homes are great. When that was in the Netherlands? This summer I saw a lot of homes on boats Brad Hogg but that could have done. I could do a boat house. Yeah it's like one of the Where they long? Yeah it's one of those. Yeah it's a riverboat type thing man. Here's my dream retirement. What Viking River Cruise? Oh my mom talks about that all the time that's been. Did you done with public radio. Oh Yeah and PBS PBS. At the end of Rick Steves always Viking Viking River cruise advert and it works and before every masterpiece theatre show Viking river. Here's the thing Viking River cruise it it works. I mean I saw that one. I was like twenty five. It was like one day. I'll do that I was. It's five full. The mouse was twenty five. But I mean it's been my dream for a while. Just go do. It shunned Sunday with my mom. Someday I'll have enough money to recruit. Thanks thanks for listening. Do you have good news. Incredible or maybe. WanNa tell us a joke or idea. Excellent email us at hello at the good news. PODCASTS DOT FM or leave a voicemail at seven seven three two one seven zero one five six. You can also tweet us at the Good News Pot and follow us on Instagram Graham too. And if you love the good news podcasts. Think about supporting us on our patriotic page. 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