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Like it's funny? There's I won't spoil. Elizabeth banks came last night and she was in which is a huge honor. Because I'm a huge admire of hers and she was laughing about. There's this one line where admit something about myself that maybe I'm not pulling only my weight around the house quite enough and she was like oof. That's so that moment so devastating and is zander. I go it's not true like actually do thank you and you take one for the team as a as an autobiographical writer because the drama wants conflict and the drama wants the protagonist to be wrong. Yeah of course so that the protagonists can grow and change. Do all these things a great tradition of this. I mean in a very famously. Dean Martin would host all these wonderful roasts and be drunk off his ass and everybody loved him because he was old drunk dino and he didn't drink at all that's hilarious.

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