Mitch Trubisky Replaced by Chase Daniel as Bears QB After Suffering Hip Injury


I've got the bad news about the bears lose in an LA miss Stravinsky already play with that harness on his left shoulder in last night against the rams gets hurt again while trying to move the slumping offense already down ten nothing at halftime through this he comes out on the bears first drive the second half completing a fourteen yard TD pass to to recall its ten seven the bears get no closer eventually losing in LA seventeen seven travesty struggling with that hip injury gets benched on the bears last series for backup chase Daniel whose is this something and the first from one of the plays and something in my head region are just gotta have time and just kept battling through but can can really move like I wanted to and strong with a bunch of arm on so just to fighting through it as long as I could frustrated I can finish on the road with my boys out there and then there was my call but and just as disappointed I can finish it and just a monitor the next couple days and see what see what it is what we're dealing with and hopefully the ills of quickly so I can certainly understand that you're basically dealing with a new hip injury Eddie Pinheiro missed a couple of field goals to get the bears off to a rough start LA scored its second touchdown three thirty five to go the bears are run out of time travesty twenty four forty three wanted ninety are to the TD but have tip all interception Todd Gurley and Malcolm brown score a touchdown runs for the rams dear Gough had an interception but a deep completion to set up the ramps first touchdown bears try given the giants in town Sunday at noon the bat Nagy morning any view is at seven

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