U.S.-Mexico border apprehensions fall again in September but remain high


Well the numbers of come out for the border apprehensions in September they claim that they nabbed over fifty two thousand migrants that's a drop in the numbers for the fourth consecutive month just to give you an idea what the number was in may one hundred and forty four thousand apprehensions yeah so imagine really when you apprehend less people there's probably less getting into the country that's the conventional wisdom either that or they got very bad apprehend but the odds are there some there some proportion there so is down almost two thirds from may to September and these were all the asylum seekers who now get this stopped in Mexico that's part of it this is pretty funny again we have another acting official in the trump administration the acting customs and border patrol commissioner is mark Morgan we have an acting head of department homeland security and acting C. B. B. commissioner I he said that it's all because of the M. P. P. M. P. P. stands for the migrant protection protocols they're doing this for the migrants on good protection right while sending them back to Mexico to await their hearings John just mentioned in the silence seekers are sent back and the phone never rings well for some reason you never get the call for the hearing some of them weighed in Mexico for a while some of them take the hint and go back yeah I don't know I think the pace is rather slow because we don't have enough courts baseball we don't we don't what are they going to do we don't we don't have to call back I need and they call us is like you know we're backed up it's really busy here this is great because we go back several months remember they were running out of space to detain the migrants and all of the progressive Democrats an open border people are up in arms holding them against their will let them go to trump said I'll tell you what I'll just get Mexico onto him or not one in the country they gotta stay in Mexico until we we have a chance to

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