Kylie Jenner singing 'Rise and Shine' in an epic mom voice has taken the internet by storm


And speaking of the Kardashian Jenners that selling overpriced merchant of you guys heard the name of Kylie Jenner singing rise and shine to her daughter stormy yeah that's how that is I mean well I'm sorry Lori yeah that has become really popular with the kids on the internet and Jenner got word of its popularity and now she's selling or can it well she's not trademarking it but she is selling sweatshirts on her website that say rise and shine on it for sixty five dollars here in kan Chris wondered does the devil rise and shine and saying have you guys ever that's are you remember that time from by the way you won't get your rise and shine sweatshirts for four to five weeks of the mean will be completely you won't remember it at all really does seek the orders and that will make the shirts they did the mock up all my gosh please

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