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For a lot of it doesn't matter about this apple is going to be adding getting a lot more games. We had a reader right into say they say there's one hundred plus games and there's like seventy games on the service right now because I think because they're planning to get to one hundred pretty quickly. There are always new games coming on and it's not clear what this will look like. Is it really going to be worth every month. One important distinction with the net flicks comparison is that apple is not the publisher of these games so doesn't own them which is actually really interesting interesting so that's the reason that sign our wild hearts for example is on switch and on I think ps four like you can play it on other systems. They have like some sort of exclusivity deal. I think it's mobile exclusivity exclusivity. Maybe or a variety of different exclusivity deals you can sign with them. I think they give you. Maybe different amounts of money are different compensation who knows but that is like a pretty significant difference because net net flicks makes stranger things or whatever you know whatever movie not available anywhere else. There's no it's a netflix movie you can only ever watched it on Netflix these games. That's not necessarily really the case and I think apple is. I saw this around anyways that they're like if it ever stops working for someone who made a game and us we'll just you know they can go do their own thing and we'll stop giving them. We'll take them off the service and they can sell it separate. Whatever there is the question of if you can get all these games for free if someone doesn't WanNa be Annapolis Arcade and release a mobile game they may be are kind of fucked is like

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