MLB playoffs: What a Game 4 rainout means for the Yankees and Astros in the ALCS


Six so your mother nature won the battle when it comes to Major League Baseball American League Championship Series no game four on Wednesday that was expected game four is going to happen on Thursday night eight o'clock eastern time on ESPN radio and ESPN at both managers had to speak on in terms of the benefits of a post poll game first AJ hands of the Houston Astros gives everybody if they often have an opportunity collectors cells before gas for changes are pitching a little bit how beneficial it is probably easier to answer after I see how guys perform and how the pitching plays out but I guess it's kind of a wait and see but I does solidify who we starting game for game five without having to go to a bowl game and Yankees manager when it comes to a player coming back that'll be another conversation even though he hasn't been able to go yet I gave you and then the potential option off the bench in the heating situation if we like something so I don't look at it as were entirely twenty four man right now I do believe we have as bad off the bench right now and whether a situation for that arises we'll see but will continue to evaluate the best smartly as we can move forward to do you some Giancarlo Stanton who believes will be another battle of the bands I firmly believe this whoever wins game four will win the ALCS I think the Yankees the win in six I'm not going to back up that prediction I think the day off could help both teams if you the ask George W. pitching if you the New York Yankees get a chance to maybe get a little mo Jo back at the having a bad slow down losing game two and game three either way took the toll the after the better team but I believe were wins game four win ALCS I think with that team is going to be the Yankees may because I picking the winner six I'm not going to back down from the production right after those in seven sticking with the Astros in seven I don't care who wins game four the is starting pitching to me is the key to any post season team surviving in advancing as a great Jim Bob on a one seven kind came the NC double a tournament surviving advancing in M. L. B. post season all about starting pitching to me and the the best rotation the best horses on the hill goes easily with the Astros and wears game seven in Houston if we get there that's it that's the kicker right there for me is if the if the giving gets to Houston and then for the Yankees in the E. if it goes seven that's their long relievers and when they become leverage real relievers when I never heard of that before tonight before you mention that four different stories I read today will leverage really quick what noted is is is is like mold management became part of it and yeah looks at this and everything in long re yeah leave our yeah or just read the verse they haven't had to use on and three more than three figurines all season now you can ask them to go for for the first time ever with everything on the line and you put that pressure on you also we about stress innings right in stressful pitches in well this is a little bit more stressful than they've had to go through the entire regular season so to me it's all about the starting lineup Yankee fans they don't want to hear it but great he has not been good the post season but I got some guy even if you win game forty Riverland there in five then another duty may have to face call Gerrit Cole who is like the modern day version of sandy Koufax right now you've been unavailable since may so he scuffled by his standards with five walks in seven innings that's coupling is scuffling but the Yankees lineup will make you sick awful I don't believe the Yankees are intimidated or afraid of these guys now I agree with that as well then we don't have the Yankees getting in touch with their inner symbols cardinals and the national back like Houston Astros because the national thoroughly intimidated the Saint Louis cardinals that team was beat up on the feet of the metagame for even got started they had no chance of winning that game even they tried to make a comeback at the being now seven nothing I think the Yankees fully believe having a day off would be the perfect a mixer for them to get everything right because there's not a pitching staff that they don't believe that they can't handle no matter how terrific those guys are lander Reekie as well as call he's if it's in the Freddie Coleman Freddie if it's Simmons on ESPN radio Sirius XM channel eighty of the yanks are going to knock a who was sensational the start this series in game four but he doesn't go a third term through the line up because the analytic geeks say well when he goes through a third time in the line up they they're hitting three oh nine if the guys in a groove right you mean the mother figure out what he's tipping or what he's missing in that third time through you have as many brains watching all these stats and in every game figure it out but in this situation may have to knock a is it in a groove you leave him in there but they don't want to do it they haven't done it and now Freddie it's one that drives me nuts you know right you got this guy who's who's dealing through sex you probably because the numbers say so that that drives me insane the Astros don't do that even though there is number geeky is anybody maybe even more so than anyone out there right now to get involved with trying to steal secrets on the cardinals when they used to work for them all about **** now that'll to do holes what two hundred articles on again but AJ Hinch is one of those guys that's also eyeball if you're rolling man you're sticking but I'm a sticking with you so that's why I like it the Astros you no matter who wins who wins tonight I think that that that that night all this postponement favors distros because now you've got green key Enver lander both on regular rest and then you still have even have great he has gone up the skirt a couple times obviously the post season you've got overlander and coal Berlin under in coal you got to win two games I would put my money on those two over whatever the yanks so out in a leverage relievers and then you want to throw at the astronaut I look at it this way by the way we had read Ryan the present Houston Astros he joins earlier on Freddie if it's Simmons he knows exactly how good these Yankees team is and he knows this service is far from over you know I love it it's it's a great great route your current kicks back to fifteen we played in the wild card it obviously seventeen we win the World Series but what what a great seven game series the home team won one all the games and this year we we took four out of seven from home and you know we won three at home they won the first it was the final game of the season that that you know we ended up winning and here in New York and so all of these games get their nip and tuck it's a dog fight and just because we're out to one side does not mean that that this thing is over if it were a cruise control because that team their Yankee Stadium they're stacked we've got arms they've got power they've got great players all over the place cash did a great job with that club together and looking around and got a couple of stood on the bump and that we got you got you can swing it pretty good it was amazing that when the Yankees won game one everybody's like while they beat the daylights out of the Astros which they did in game one no doubt winning seven nothing the Astros win game two in game three the Astros are in control of this series of bacon all on a second control be three one to me yeah two one they're not in control of the service as I was yeah that me it if you're gonna use that tack with the out of being in control is saying that the Astros are in control my god Ian watching the MOB network watch ESPN and others forgot the baseball people on TV and was on radio all many **** how control is there's a two one you'd be amazed how many times I heard that today they got the point us okay I'm I'm not gonna be part of definition sandy with this kind of stupidity going out there get that one game in the series means you're in control no it doesn't I think this thing's going seven it's going to be epic then the only reason I like the strokes is because of what we read Ryan just mentioned there those two horses they've got on the hill Enver lander and cold at the Yankee still have to face what is your major league baseball you need this to go seven the NASA took care of business if you got a potential rivalry like this with the met in the playoffs two thousand fifteen two thousand seventeen and now two thousand nineteen you get a seven game series and now you have a cross country robbery so to speak was not these two teams in the same division or two teams on the same coast you got the big Ole boys in New York City and a good Ole country boys down Houston colliding in the series if you have that kind of heat that you can generate you could potentially have your latter day forty Niners cowboys or paid many versus Tom Brady because you got a big city I got a bigger city without a baseball city when it comes to Houston if his goal seven it could do Major League Baseball a world of good that they could have never imagined and never even had to beg borrow or steal if the Yankees Astros give us and Major League Baseball with the looking

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