Donald Trump and Beto O'Rourke are coming to North Texas at the same time


Presidential candidate better Rourke is again planning a counter rally near president trump's event tonight in the Lone Star state correspondent Clayton Nevil has that president trump holding a campaign rally tonight at the American Airlines center in Dallas supporters anxious first trip to Texas this is our eighth rally I'm I'm gonna try to make it to any rally I can that is in the state that borders Mexico president and I appreciate all that he's done for me but democratic presidential candidate better work planning a rally of his own just miles from the president's he calls it a rally against fear this is our opportunity to stand up against Donald Trump is going to be in town the same day at the same time and also a chance for us to stand up for what we believe in a work says it's an opportunity for Americans to speak their minds a country defined not by fear but by hope ambition aspiration and a willingness to work together despite the differences to make sure that we achieve them this will work is advocating for trump's impeachment we do not hold them to account if there is not justice not only have we failed this moment our constitution and our country we have failed everyone who has sacrificed and lay their lives down on the line so were killed a trump town around the you know pass or earlier this year trump who had more supporters that night compared crown sizes on

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