The Black Widow of England: Mary Ann Cotton


Abuse but Marianne was no ordinary woman and ears she'd been rehearsing for her mother's death two daughters named Margaret had already died in her care only nine days turn Mary Ann's arrival in Siham Margaret Stott was also dead soon after her mother's death thirty four year old Marianne and thirty four year old James Robinson moved forward with their nuptials on August eleventh eighteen sixty seven they held a small wedding in ship where mouth Marianne was five months pregnant their honeymoon period didn't last long although Marianne now had all the well security she could ever dream of she still wasn't happy under her skin Marianne was flailing if only she'd been able to settle in she could have lived out the rest of her life and luxury but as the saying goes idle hands are the devil's play thing Marianne found that her life of wealth and security didn't bring her the peace she'd originally hoped it would she grew to disdain James Robinson once again she was desperate to relieve herself of her marriage Marianne preceded with her now usual Mo I she eliminated unwanted step children through the month of April eighteen sixty seven child after child died a son and two daughters all the while Marianne helped herself to her husband's wealth without his permission or knowledge she withdrew his entire savings account today the equivalent of roughly two thousand three hundred dollars it's hard to say where the money went but in addition to taking Robinson's money Marianne also pawned her linens and close for even more cash but that St L. wasn't enough she borrowed another five hundred sixty three dollars in Robinson's name this proved to be a grave misstep as the loan in company notified her husband of the funds he owed Robinson was both befuddled and enraged he felt that Marianne had greatly over stepped her bounds by borrowing and spending without his consent in November of eighteen sixty nine Robinson through Rianne his home he may not have realized it at the time but in abruptly breaking off their marriage he saved his own life and that of his remaining children as we discussed last episode the laws of Victorian England made legal divorce incredibly difficult although men had more options than women Robinson's still would have needed to go to great lengths to dissolve his partnership he never bothered although their marriage was over in all but in name Marianne remained Robinson's legal wife without a divorce she risked bigamy charges the next time she identified a potential spouse and victim but for once Marianne wasn't set on marrying for wealth because justice she found herself estranged from Ron Robison Marianne learned that her longtime lover Joseph Mattress had recently become a widower for most of Marianne adult life she'd only wanted a few things wealth freedom stimulation and the one true love of her life the perpetual Liane unattainable mattress in eighteen seventy for the first time thirty-seven-year-old Marianne and mattress were both single and finally after years of sneaking around in shame Marianne moved into his home so they could finally be together yes Marianne was technically committing adultery but all it took was a move to South Hatton where no one knew her past and Marianne was able to openly stay with her lover thanks to poor record-keeping in the era no one was wise to Marianne secret it seemed that Marianne had finally found her romance Nick happy ending but in only a matter of months she learned that life with mattress wasn't as idyllic as she'd always believed it would be and soon her fairytale transformed into a horror story coming up next Marianne cotton's life with Joseph Mattress takes an inevitable tragic turn I have some exciting news for you too thank you for your unwavering dedication and support we've released our entire back catalogue of shows and they're already in your feed that's fifty episodes A female criminals that are available to listen to right now be sure to check out some of my favorite episodes like the one on Lizzie borden and what drove her to become a not aureus figure or are episodes on Phoolan Devi the bandit queen of India who struck back at the ruling casts after she suffered violence and discrimination listen because of her class and gender whether you're reliving some of your favorite episodes or hearing these fantastic stories for the first time these V the episodes are available right

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