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To know human beings is to be in the world with human beings and you can't understand our business in France from San Mateo right humans do not like to be confused they really don't it's that simple and so when marketers forget with their with their customers want or forget to spend time in the best marketers don't talk to customers we know this they actually into it they can they can know this is where the market is going and I'm just GonNa do it before anybody tells me I'm going to do it this is the message I need this is what I need to do and they look like raving lunatics when they're doing it but then they're able to really shift the whole market right but I do agree with you it's interesting the last five years get a lot of calls about various GMO roles and the church from Wednesday we're looking for that demand Gen it was interesting that I I grew up in product marketing at salesforce and then when I went to Yarmur it was viral premium model it sort of threw me off the deep end in terms of learning analytics in that world when I

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