Seth Rollin


Cancelled the WW network trended for over I think twelve hours in the United States brought this up on the post show but it's worth mentioning again how long it actually trended in the US on twitter that's that's equal to give divas a chance it took a long time go away and wwe heard the message loud and clear that the fans were not happy with the decision of for Seth Rollins to retain the title at helmets L. and it wasn't even that seth retain the title it's the way that it happened where you had a referee stoppage in Helena sell first time I think ever for a rest pitch for what Rock Nestor coming in and killing two people but for basically what happened is Seth had br on the ground he had a bunch of stuff piled on top of him takes out a sledgehammer he questions himself the restaurants talk me out of it says like no no no I'm going to do it seth hits the stuff with the sledgehammer and bray and Aref immediately calls for the bell a call for stretcher for Bray which I don't know I go back I've gone back and forth on this because at one hand yes he's absolutely human being a medical attention he does deserve a stretcher but at the same instance he's a Hor- character do you really want horror character stretchered out no but I need to read something before reaching you okay Rod Peta the official art with Bray motionless and Seth clearly doing whatever is going to take to win that match I had to think of the competitor safety and at that moment I did I thought was best and I was getting to that because I was gonNA bring that up next so Monday night they waited until ten thirty to talk about the match and they just sort of highlighted didn't said that seth had one and then that came out like two Wednesday on the new network and social media show the bump you go there's at ten am eastern on Monday mornings on Wednesday mornings the bump is actually decent show different but yeah so they put that out which didn't really help the situation no it's just pissed more you know it's kind of like just just let sleeping dogs lie on this one don't don't try to defend decision because I feel like this was somebody somewhere that made this choice we have to defend our decision they're wrong that's what it honestly feels like he was actually pissed off that the fans were angry at this and so they made this poor man who was the referee in this match like defend his quote unquote choice to stop the match even though it was really his choice and he's like he's taking the brunt of this and we're all pretty much like double finger no no that's not accept into vote because I mean this led to this whole situation has led to people going on the network which I'm sure made them very happy but when on the network and pull photog- and gifts and stills of past hell in the cell matches and pretty much the most violent ory about even though they filled every sledgehammer they did they did they pulled every sledgehammer moment they pulled every gory violent moment from hellenise Allen Trust me there's a bunch of them long blades they did or take a lot of weight were either triple h you're taker but they pulled this and then proceeded as posted to social media as basically like w t f like this okay but this wasn't and I mean you got it from the human perspective Brian is a person but this character the fiend that he is portraying is not no and he is monster from your nightmares and he's relentless and he's unstoppable in the fact that you had seth rollins get him on his back for probably I five five or so minutes and proceeded to do this while seth running around in the rain like that's the whole thing that was really bothersome about this was not that seth got breakdown that's fine that's totally cool like seth is the beast slayer sess should be very difficult to beat it shouldn't have been easy for for Brady to just walk in and kick crap out of Seth but the fact that breaks laid there motionless for ten minutes now or not to miss but like five minutes is seth proceeds to pile ladders and chairs into boxes and everything else on top of him like that's that's what made this really really hard because it's like well wait a minute this is the guy two months ago or whatever at summer slam massacred Fin Baylor just like eviscerated fan valor. Now he's doing this with seth it just it didn't make sense nothing about this made sense

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