A highlight from #121: An Introduction to Trauma & Tension Release Exercise (TRE) with Christa Bevan


Don't worry we get it and we're here for you. I franz to episode one hundred twenty one of the adoption connection podcasts. Lisa how are you doing really well thank you how are you melissa. I'm good so i am curious. If as you look back over your story if there's something that could have jumps out to you as significant in your healing journey. Well when i look back. I mean there are so many things over the years. Because you know. I've been in this adoption. Fostering journey since two thousand six but more recently you know we were in this deep journey through grief and one of the things that helped me the most. I mean so. Many things helped but one of the things that came immediately to mind when i thought about it was putting regular exercise back in my life and like really intentional like the gym and just doing things to have made me feel more regulated but also stronger. It's probably been one of the most important things i've done. Yeah i love that. I love one. The simplicity of it in some senses right like you don't have to have a therapist or trainer or like you can make yourself get out and walk every day or you can make yourself do applaud. He's video every morning or something like that but also that it's a physical thing you know that you mentioned that has had such a big impact on your emotional and mental journey through grief And so i am really excited about this week's interview because if you've spent any extended period with me at some point in time i have probably mentioned that. A huge part of my journey towards really reconciling. What my head knew that. I should be doing or feeling and my heart coming along. The way has been a practice called t. r. e. or trauma intention release exercise my friend krista. Who's a new friend via the internet. Thank you for. The virtual world is a t. r. e. practitioner and just this kind compassionate beautiful soul. Also mama non adoptive momma but just someone who really understands a lot about brain science. Which y'all know i love and is a tre. Practitioner herself so Besides being a certified t. r. e. provider and yoga instructor end. Mother kris coaching. Practice helps to empower other mothers on a journey of breaking free from inherited family trauma. Eshel share she comes to this work out of necessity and she has seen really an incredible impact of trauma healing. And how that can have you know just far reaching effects in her family and in your family so here is my conversation with krista crystal welcome to the adoption connection podcast. Thank you melissa. I'm excited to be here. I'm so excited to. So i am a huge fan of t. r. e. and if folks have it hanging around with me at any point in time they've probably heard me mention it but i know a lot of people have no idea or even talking about so. Would you just tell us kind of like basic definition. We're going to jump into kind of like the benefits and all that stuff in a minute but just like a definition even what the letters stand for sure. Yeah it gets confusing. Sometimes like is it. Tree is a tray. And it is tr ee so it stands for tension and trauma releasing exercises and what it is is a series of physical exercises that you do to help initiate unnatural shaking mechanism or in the tiriac world. We call waiting in the body and this shaking or trembling mechanism is part of your nervous systems built in ability to complete a stress response. I'm gonna come back to that. Yeah a lot there to unpack. I know i do that. Let me just back up and ask. How did you if you wouldn't mind sharing come to t. r. e. and why is it been so important for you short so i discovered tre. I think it's been six years now. And i had a history of dealing with for most of my life and i had a history of dealing with really crippling panic attacks. The started when i was twelve and continued fast and furious for almost two decades after that and i did sort of all of the things that you do to try to get those out of your life right. If you've ever experienced them you know that they are no fun. And i kind of felt like i tried everything and done a lot of talk therapy which was very helpful but it didn't really eliminate them from my life and it got to this place

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