What Comes Next for Kim Kardashian as She Navigates Her Future Amid Kanye West Divorce

Rob Has a Podcast


Can we say who do we. Think is the gonna come out as the winner of the kim and kanye divorce. There's no real winners in divorce. Of course of course. That's what sad is a winner of the bill belichick. Tom brady divorce now. It's true that is true. There's clearly I think it is interesting because when when they started getting married like is one of the greatest artists of all time. These kim kardashian. And i do think like her star wrote so much. Yeah in his didn't over the time and that part of that is the kardashian. Pr machine keep themselves on top. That like. I do think she's coming out on here. I agree i agree. I think kim up on you down. Yeah she has the most support for sure like just like you say a pr wise. She's gonna flip this into some money in be. Yeah she's also it'd be at a write her book and tell her story about being married to kanye west and stuff so a lot of money coming that way but also. I'm very proud of congress. He had a pre-nup so you know he was able to protect themselves. Thirty -ironically probably move. Because now she has more money than him for sure for eight. I think he was like when they were buying stuff. He was spending the money out years but also like she's she's gone to the moon since they since they started. I asked to do a lot of research on this. I think they're both worth over a billion dollars So there's really they have like four forbes or fortune one of those magazines did like a deep dive in the county's finances and said he's not a billionaire recently but he has like seven hundred million. He doesn't need a handout. From the three of us you know will this divorce be a blow to his political career. had like no votes in the election really blew by like it was the big story for a day. We chester went over this on defense he got a shockingly low number of votes And he was losing to third. The third party candidates. You've never heard of a lot of states wasn't on the ballot. Is that if you're going in there. And you're like i hate trump but i i also managed to invite in like. Wouldn't you rather vote for kanye then. I don't think than anybody was thinking that. Yeah absolutely no. We'll nobody thought that because he didn't get more than like five thousand votes in almost any state It's a fair assessment. Considering our former president was a reality tv star as well so you know maybe that was brought out a new level of you know fandome for voting you know like all the tv stars are going to get behind the kardashians. Are they going to get behind trump.

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