Stock trading app blocks users from buying GameStop and AMC shares


Popular stock trading platform among amateur investors blocked its users from buying shares of fundamentally weak stocks like Gamestop and AMC and was only allowing investors to sell today. Action came as these stocks began surging and value in recent weeks, potentially costing hedge funds million's Oregon billions of dollars because they shorted them. Labatt Silver editor in chief for Investing PD, a telling Kjos morning show host Nicki Maduro. There are concerns this could be a bubble, but he doesn't think it's anything like 1999. But at the same time, everybody's in the boat with on these day traders and they're following each other in a frenzy. And what happens is a few people make a lot of money here. Most people end up losing money, and most people end up losing more money than they can afford to lose. Silver says. Most people don't trade these kind of stock, so we probably won't feel it. However, you will feel it if big investors decided to sit out while the market corrects before they get back in

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