The Cubs Are Sitting Pretty in the NLC


They can look at the division. Tony you look at all the teams that the cubs have to but up against dan. We haven't seen a whole bunch of the squads in the central be. You know they haven't made a whole bunch of moves during this off season and in the cubs they're in that basket as well so when it comes to being competitive in the division right now. I think jed hoyer and david rawson as well as myself. I think everyone is of the mindset that this cubs team they can go out there and twenty twenty one and compete no matter what a yeah i think so for sure i mean you look at this division in every single team. All five of them has gotten significantly worse on paper going into twenty twenty one compared to twenty twenty you know the the reds are losing. Trevor bauer who. We talked about earlier in the podcast. I think you traded rozelle glossiest the angels. The potential transcending gray like who knows. We'll see some of that archie. Bradley was it was another pitcher. They acquired at the trade deadline atop reliever for them. He's gone cardinals. Have lost a lot of veteran guys as well. The pirates are trading away. Anybody of value right now in the brewers have you know declined to options are not options for guys like ryan braun and and so on so yeah off five teams really right now. Don't look better on paper than they did last year. But that doesn't mean that there's a wide open division for the cubs to go claiming i think right now the cubs have one of the best teams on paper. They have a manager. Year finalist david. Ross they have all those poor guys in the mvp candidates that we talked about before that if there are bounceback season from a couple of all of those guys than this offense is in much better shape than it was last year. So i think the real big question is just pitching for them you know. Where does the pitching come from from the cubs but yeah i think right now they can compete certainly with any team in the division

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