The Tempest Stele


This artifact is at its heart a big stone block it is a slab. It is a big slab made of cal site. That's currently in multiple fragments. I think through at least three major fragments And they were recovered from the temple complex of karnak which is in the ancient egyptian city of thebes near the modern Upper egypt city of luxor. And this artifact was recovered by archaeologists. I think in the late nineteen forties early nineteen fifties Karnak of course this big beautiful temple complex you may have seen. It represented digitally and transformers movies. Where they're big robots slugging around there or as an actual shooting location in the spy. Who loved me. Did the transformers really battle here. I think they did at some point. The transporter the it's part of the the raison d'etre of of Transformers to eventually just slam through and demolish every work of humankind like all artifacts and landscapes must be ground into sand by the transformers until only transformers remain right. Okay just a baron. Featureless earth completely smooth but with transformers with mack trucks and jeeps and stuff. But anyway. what's the deal with this slab. The tempest de originally stood about one point. Eight meters tall so about six feet tall and it bears an inscription texts that was copied on both sides in these horizontal lines. But it also has imagery at the top so to quote from One of the papers that we're going to be referencing today. I think that this description comes from this. First paper that was published by karen pollinger foster robert k. Rittner and benjamin. Our foster in the journal of near eastern studies in nineteen ninety-six quote above the horizontal body of each text is a lou net with to adore st- scenes and brief vertical labels unlike the parallel text. The tulu net labels display minor variation in wording both faces preserve dual scenes of the king followed by female deity of fecundity carrying offering trays. And these traits have like fruits and vegetables on them. So you've got this big old texts. That's on both sides in this image of a king and a lady who represents fertility Carrying up some nice foodstuffs fruits and vegetables. Nice plant matter and so here. I think maybe we should actually just read the full text of the tempus teela because it's not all that long And this is something that i personally really love. May maybe other people aren't as interested in design but it just reading the text of of texts that are this old like these. Ancient egyptian inscriptions really does kind of put me in an altered state of consciousness. You know it's like I i feel like i'm inhabiting a mind. That is so separated from me by time and culture that it's a little bit creepy. I mean to to a certain extent. That's that's exactly what's happening right. The transfer of information across the ages. Yeah and in. There's this like weird tingling down at the bottom of my brain where i just feel like. There's a lot that's really important that i'm not understanding but i'm getting just the slightest hint of what it is coming through in the translation Well that's the tingler you've got that. That's the vincent price movie. Well i know what you're talking about with okay. This english translation is by the american egyptologist. Robert honor who is the one of the authors on a couple of studies that we're going to be mentioning today now again. The steelers text is damaged. So there are some gaps and some of these have been filled in with. What is very likely what their contents were so. There's just some texts that we don't have but we feel very confident you know. This is what it would have been another parts or just left blank. Where there's less certainty and i guess when we get one of those blank spots just sort of pause for a second in the reading so here it goes long live the horace great of manifestations he of the two ladies pleasing of birth the golden horus who binds the two lands king of the upper and lower egypt. Neb feddie raw son of raw ahmosis living forever. Now then his majesty came raw himself had appointed him to be king of upper egypt. Then his majesty dwelt at the town of said. Jeff tally in the district. Just to the south of kandara while on raw. Lord of the thrones of the two lands was in thebes. It was his majesty who sailed south to offer bread beer and everything good and pure now after the offering then attention was given in this district now then the cold image of this god at his body was installed in this temple while he was enjoy. Now then this great god desired. His majesty was god's declared their discontent. The gods caused the sky to come in a tempest of rain with darkness in the western region and the sky unleashed without cessation louder than the cries of the masses more powerful than while. The rain raged on the mountains louder than the noise of the cataract which is at elephants. Every house every quarter that they reached floating on the water like skiffs of papyrus opposite the royal residence for a period of days while a torch could not be lit in the two lands. Then his majesty said how much greater this is than the wrath of the great god than the plans of the gods then his majesty descended to his boat with his council following him while the crowds on the east and west had hidden faces having no clothing on them after the manifestation of the god's wrath then his majesty reach the interior of thebes with gold confronting gold for this statue so that he meaning on raw received that which he desired then. His majesty began to reestablish the two lands to drain the flooded territories without his to provide them with silver with gold with copper with oil and cloth of every bolt that could be desired. The and his majesty made himself comfortable inside the palace life prosperity health. His majesty was informed that the mortuary concessions had been entered by water with the tomb. Chambers collapsed the funerary mansions undermined in the pyramids fallen having been made into that which was never made. Then his majesty commanded to restore the temples which had been into ruin in this entire land to refurbish the monuments of the gods to erect their closure walls to provide the sacred in the noble chamber to mask the secret places to introduce into their shrines. The cult statues which were cast to the ground to set up the braziers to erect offering tables to establish their bread offerings to double the income of the personnel to put the land into its former state. Then it was done in accordance with everything that his majesty had commanded

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