[TEST] COVID recovery should include climate solutions, researcher says


Dr anthony leiserowitz and this is climate connections. The covid nineteen pandemic has changed the world and the work of rebuilding will take more than a vaccine. There's going to have to be an economic recovery from covert you know. There's been a worldwide economic recession. That's robert dubrow of the yale center. Climate change and health. He says his country's rebuild they have an opportunity to accelerate the transition to clean renewable energy. And that would help solve another public health crisis. Climate change warmer temperatures will increase deadly heat waves food. Shortages natural disasters and disease and burning fossil fuels creates toxic. Air pollution that harms people's lungs and can cause heart disease apart from the climate change benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions really tremendous public health benefits. That are more immediate so do bro recommends that has countries past their covid recovery packages. They prioritize climate solutions such as clean energy and green transit. We could make a tremendous kind of down payment on the transition that we need to renewable energy if we're going to avoid catastrophic climate change and therefore catastrophic public health consequences climate connections is produced by the for environmental communication to hear more stories like this visit climate connections dot org.

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