1904: An Excerpt from the book 21 in '21 Habit Challenge by Brooke Dannar


Point too many of us wake each day and react rather than act we let outside situations determine where we go rather than pointing and setting the course. We like to go for ourselves. One of the best ways to commit something to memory is the physically involved in the learning process by reading out loud or repeating fact. Verbally is more likely than memory name face or tidbit will stick when we add an active measure or production element to a word that word becomes more distinct in long term memory and hence more memorable repeating phrases out loud is a different way to present the information to yourself and commit it to your long term memory. James clear calls this pointing and calling your habits. Based off of the japanese railway system that reduced errors up to eighty five percent and cut accidents by thirty percent simply by having conductors point and name allowed simple details such as paul clear pointing and calling is so effective. These raises the level of awareness from an unconscious habit to a more conscious level. One of our greatest challenges and changing habits is maintaining awareness of what we are actually doing. This helps explain why the consequences of bad habits can sneak up on us. We need a point and call system for our personal lives. Observe your thoughts and actions without judgment or internal criticism. But i get clarity where to point unless you have clarity. I you need to be clear about what you want now. One of the major reasons a lot of people don't feel successful is that they might not know exactly what they are really wanting and working towards each day i e where they are pointing. You have to have some kind of level of clarity about what you want because that clarity is that ambition that goal that dream that desire that thing that becomes a passion because you have that deep commitment and attachment moving towards something figure out what you want now and i invite you to do this in all areas of your life take time right now for a mind dump open to a fresh page in a notebook and label it clarity or point doodle everything you think of when it comes to what it is. You want the narrow it down the runner who doesn't know why or what they actually want will most likely not finish a race with their own personal record get clear whole division and This one here might be the most important of the plan technique learn from your mistakes but also learned from your successes take time each day to journal. What went well. What didn't how can you learn from those experiences. The best lessons i've learned in my life were born from failure. Have you ever heard the saying that. The word fear can mean one of two things. Forget everything and run or face. Everything and rise as a famous quote from william. You'll so perfectly states coat. Every failure his a step to success end quote acknowledged your failures brief teachable moments and use them to face everything and rise to success brennan bouchard of high performance habits notes researchers who have found that people who set goals and regularly self monitor are almost two and a half times more likely to attain their goals under performers are often quote less self aware and sometimes oblivious to their behavior and their results end quote face everything the good the bad the ugly learn from it and rise to success also take time to acknowledge your successes. Success breeds success and the more. We acknowledge what went well the better. We can emulate that the next day finally when it comes to the l. Learn i leave you with this message. From james clear author of atomic habits quote a lack of self awareness is poison reflection and review is the antidote and quote. Your antidote awaits a act. it's one thing to become aware is another thing entirely to apply what you've learned. Your habit is the first step in applying knowledge. One of the best analogies for this. I heard comes again from james clear atomic habits who refers to this as casting your vote for the person you'd like to become each time you follow through with action whether it is to create a new habit or replace a bad habit. You're casting a vote for the person you'd like to become. You must stream together enough successful attempts until the habit is firmly embedded your mind habits form based on frequency not time. The most effective form of learning is practice not planning aim for action example. Working out not motion example reading a book on exercise plans one. Great tool of us to take action is to create a mantra that inspires me and me

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