'Many hundreds' killed by Eritrean soldiers in Ethiopian massacre, Amnesty International says



Of civilians were killed in the massacre last November in northern Ethiopia. As NPR's it a Peralta tells us the human rights group is calling it of war crime. Amnesty International says that the massacre happened just after the government launched a military offensive against what it considered a rogue regional government. According to dozens of witnesses. Ethiopian and Eritrean troops exacted revenge on civilians after some of them attacked with sticks and stones. Amnesty International says civilians were shot as they fled, and when others tried to collect the bodies. They were also shot. Report says hundreds were killed in bodies lay strewn for days along the cobblestone streets of Axum, which is home to one of the holiest churches in Ethiopia. The troops committed war crimes at honesty says that may amount to crimes against humanity it a product. NPR news, Johannesburg One of the nation's

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