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Prayer of an evangelist will accomplish much you know and so you only get prayer and then you go and you get re checked and suddenly the tests reveal the cancer has gone and the doctors can't figure it out what happened a miracle. god still. does things like that today. We hear stories like this. All the time he intervenes. He does the miracle he provides that sum of money that is needed. He comes through and some amazing way still does it. Sometimes god is glorified by removing the problem and resolving this situation how many of you have had was looked like an insurmountable problem. That was overruled by god. He intervened okay. So that's most of you. that's fantastic. Thank god when that happens. But then there are times when god will be glorified not by the removal of the problem but by leaving it there and having you worship him just the same and that's a powerful testimony. That's what happened to paul. And silas were thrown into prison for preaching the gospel and the bible says at midnight. They began to sing. Praises to god and the other prisoners were listening. I don't think they'd ever heard singing. In a hell hole before apollon silas were able to give god glory at midnight and then of course you remember that they'd been treated so badly by that roman jailer who whip them had a hard heart but then the earthquake came a miracle happened. All the prisoners could have run free if they wanted to and that china was about to kill himself because he knew if he lost his prisoners he would be executed by roman. Paul said. don't harm yourself. we're all here. And that jailer said servers. Tell me what must i do to be saved. You see their testimony won him over because they give god the glory not after the but before and that's the time to give god the glory so let's say you're the person to get the the unfortunate diagnosis. You're the person that has the tragedy before you. You're the person here's the bad news is say. Well i'll give god the glory when he fixes it. No you give god the glory now right now you give them the goal because he's still in control he's gonna work together for glory and you're good he's gonna make you more like jesus. Okay so you've got your problems. And and i don't want to diminish what you're going through because my problems bed but there's still problems greg okay. I'll give you that problems. The problem trials trial whatever. It is big small somewhere in the middle. Okay now. here's the question. Can you somehow give glory to god through that. Can you find a way to remember that. God is still in control of your life. And he's going to work it out for kids glory and you're good midly. Can you use it as an opportunity to proclaim christ to others. Sometimes he will remove the affliction is sometimes. He'll be glorified in the astor greg. Laurie will have the second half of his message in just a moment. It's a blessing when we hear that people are listening to pasture. Greg's messages on the radio pastor greg. I listened to a new beginning every morning on. Kp radio in portland oregon. It's a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you for sending me your christmas card last year with the pictures of your family. It's a good reminder to pray for you and your family. God bless you are you being impacted by the teaching here on a new beginning. If so why. Not draw pastured reagan email and let him know send it to greg at harvests dot. Org do it today while you're thinking about it again that's great at harvest dot. Org pastor great continues now with his message called. Why does god allow trials in the life of the believer number five and lastly trials and suffering can be used by god to prepares for a special task. Trials suffering can be used by god to prepare us for a special task. God's getting ready for something. God can use these experiences obliged to transform us. You know when when you've gone through something and survived it. You can be a great comfort to someone else who is going through it now. When the lord called our son christopher given i reached out immediately to people who had lost children. And i knew a few one of those people was john corson pastor and a friend for years and i just said john helped me and you know i'm not some big passer with all the answers. I'm a father who lost his son. And i'm in pain like any other father would and you know john was such a comfort. I think just to see someone that survives such thing functioning is brings a measure of hope. Okay so when you've gone through something you'd say. Why did god allow me to go through this. Be what we don't know. But i know this you're gonna sure bring a lot of hope to somebody else that's going through it because when that crisis issue when that doctor says you have cancer when when the loved one dies in a looks like your world just ended. Have someone say you're going to get through this because i've come to the same thing and let me share with you. What the lord has shown me so. You have a message like nobody else has so you don't ever want to waste european. God allowed it now. God wants to use it over. In second corinthians one paul says he comforts us in all of our troubles. Listen to this. He comforts us in all of our troubles white so can comfort others when they're trouble we'll be able to give them the same comfort. God has given us. We can be sure the more we suffer for. Christ the more god will shower us with his comfort through. Christ you comfort with the comfort. Did you have been comforted with so perhaps the hardships of today are preparing you for greater opportunities tomorrow. You might say man. I don't know this stuff. This message like so depressing. Why do you have to talk about things like this. Can't you tell us something. That's it's more positive. I actually think it's kinda positive to think that god can take the worse things than work through them is real. Life can handle suffering at all. I don't do suffering well then you're not gonna do life or you're gonna live in the state of basic denial. Denial is not just a river in egypt. Okay reality is hardship is gonna come your way. It's it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when trials are gonna come now some of your young and you're saying why been phased them yet. That's because you're young but you will. Some of you are older news. I've faced quite a few already. In fact i'm in one right now. Here's what we need to remember. So we don't get freaked out when we hear about hardship and the lives of others. God gives you what you need when you need it. God gives you what you need when you need it. Not necessarily before. Listen but never after not necessarily before but never after he will give you the strength. He will give you the words. He will give you the power to do what you need to do when you need to do it. So don't panic. God's in control he's gonna work it out for his good.

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