What Can We Hold On To?


I cannot just went. It went to expectations. Then he didn't fail in that way and also to To staff She stolid y'all bouts had trainee to mock who was thrown into tens of did a good job and nobody died. So you know that's always a positive on those lines and say gakuen came up and joined us for the entire training period from the Long beach chess soto's and temple And then everybody that that helped to support it during this period and that gratitude anything like it. It's important because without without people ascend to wouldn't run and obviously for all of you that have participated in whatever way that you could today. I want to talk about. The supreme way knows no difficulty from the blue cliff record case to simply because it seems very reflective reflected with reality so i will start with the with this case then. Hopefully they'll be helpful. As some kind of encouragement so the introduction the universe contracts the sun moon and stars go black even if blows of the cane shall light rain and shouts thunder. The still doesn't measure up to the business of the transcendent methodology of zen. Even the buddhas of the past present and future can only know for themselves. Even the zen masters through the ages have been able to bring it up entirely the entire buddhist. Canon cannot explain it thoroughly. Even zen assists with clear is come. Selves saved themselves completely. When you get to this point how do you ask for instruction even to speak the would. Buddha is dragging in mud soaking wet. Even say the woods then is a total embarrassment. More developed people who have stood it for a long time. Do not need to wait for it to be sad. As for the youngest students who are just beginning they should investigate thoroughly the main case. Joe said the supreme way is has no difficulty it just dislikes choosing a soon as thera would spoken. This is discrimination. This is clarity. I don't. I don't remain within clarity. Can you value this without reservation. The mon cast since you do not remain within clarity. What do you preserve joe shoe said. I don't know that either the monk said since you don't know why do you say you're not in clarity. Joshi said you've posed your question. Now you can go. That's what happens when you've been around for a long time. You can do that kind of thing. Thus the supreme way knows no difficulty. The words australia the speech is straight. One has many kinds to have no duality at the horizon. The sun rises the moon sets before the balustrade the mountains deepen and the water chills when consciousness. The skull how can enjoy exist. The dragons howland. The with the tree is not evaporated difficult. Difficult discrimination or clarity. See for yourself. So that story the case in its entirety. You know one of the one of the things that we tend to zen buddhism in general is that we tend to raise the value of things. So where we say. The supreme way in many

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