Off the Record: Redneck Activities & DIY 'Manly' Projects (Just The Boyz)



Noise and news. We still need to catch like food. That's true i never thought about that. Damn that's a scary. Was that thing. Looks like a like a real good. I looked like the fucking cyber from halo do this. She wasn't cheap man. It was pretty pricey if you brought that out. People that don't know about guns dafna salt rifle. Yeah that's because we had our canadian friends that came over and they looked at in their life is is that a real like americans have guns. That's literally what they thought. And i'm like no. It's just the air rifle borderline toy. It is a toy. But it's a it's a way where we can okay. Because i got it so like when we go out and then we just want to catch like small like gain. Yeah we can you know. Like get it an an technically. You won't be legal because you know how some places you can't use a gun at all of the worst air or whatever is true we can use this time. Yeah but it's strong. Do you know how many feet per second the pellets gone through. Fuck i did when i bought it but it was pretty powerful. You'd probably look it up. Just look at the look. Fucking legit though. Oh it's three thousand psi pressure. Oh shit that sounds fun. It is twenty two so palette. Yeah it's so funny like when your time your friends of seeing that out like like for us we're so used to that right But we also know how to handle it safely like growing up like in the high school. I went to junior high like we had a lot of all. It's not like super multicultural but also in terms of economics and all that stuff but we have kids from all different rich people parking for people we all got along but would have like somewhere homeys urging with us with like drop their bag. And then i'll fucking full handgun or like like one of those mac ten's pop on and you're just like back. I don't know shits fucking freak because are gang members. Yeah the words you remember the first time. He got solid gun. I grew up with guns and stuff so it was just. When i first time i saw handgun. I was fourteen. And i remember. This is like during gang life. We were going to do a home invasion invasion for the first time and it was like you know. You don't wanna look like a bitch with all your friends and you have friends that are way more experienced than you and then i remember. One of the was like okay. I gotta go home and get my strap. I yeah go get your like. We went to his house and then he hid it in his towel rack and he pulled this towel out and then when he opened the ause like pretending like i've seen it before too. That's a strap and i remember he. He he brought it over on. Hold it and i my hand when it was reaching it was like shaking so bad that i knew i'll probably would have dropped it and it probably would have fireable comfortable but i remember being scared as fuck. That's that's why. I'm like with all my friends that they know that we do it safely properly. We're not that gain live spore protection. Whatever you wanna call it. I at least want them to know how to handle it properly and safely. So they're not afraid of it just in case they ever do come across or the fight on that does have it and know how to like disarm them because there are people that louis will get like just the frequency. And your schedule. Oh my god dang no my yeah same with me like kind of like similar to you like a lot of friends and their dads like had just guns garage. That they're working on. They went camping. They took us and then they taught us how to shoot. And all that so my introduction as a kid was way like it's a tool. They use it for hunting so you never have the scary face. No i actually liked it but my immediate family like my parents were against it. Not really against it. But they're like you know. Guns are illegal in japan and they're not really outdoorsy like we did a lot of fishing but then My dad wasn't really like into that stuff so They're like yeah you you know you get gun toys. But we're not going to get you a Air rifle and all these things but all of my friends actually had air rifles because like dolls like the progression right like when you're in elementary school You learn what the air rifle and teach you those basics with that and then they give you like a twenty two or something like that. I think that's the best way because you also get bored of it at you know how to properly so it's nothing too so like some families like super baller and i remember. I think i told you the story before. It's like my little cousin. So we go to their house and he's like oh my god nucor come see come see. And he's so excited. Show us so we go in and there was like a nine eleven in the car and then the brand new pano mera fucking sick. Fucking freaking out. And he's like no no it's back like oh shit on the crazier goes on the city but for him. It's just something new. He doesn't get it right so he's like. This is all they had this.

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