Episode 160: Sleight of Hand



Person. That's what historians call obey. No sammy man who lived and worked in the latter half of the tenth century. He was with the japanese called on me. Oh gee a wizard. Who served a number of japan's emperors during his lifetime and his powers were legendary. It said that obey no same inherited his gifts from his mother who was skilled at fortune telling and divination now maybe it was because of his lofty position in the government or perhaps it was just the superstitious nature of the people around him but it was believed that his mother was actually a type of spirit known as a kit sooner. But what is clear is that he earned a massive amount of sway over the emperor. Legend says that. I may know same was killed by a powerful rival who stole his magical texts. Later after he was resurrected he hunted down the rival that had killed them and took back his book for himself and yes stories of resurrecting wizards might smack a bit too much fantasy but his legacy was so powerful that within a century of his death the bay clan was in charge of the government's official wizard department the on you across europe. There were a number of musicians that i've mentioned here in the past people like para celsius the swiss astrologer botanist and physician. Who dabbled in alchemy. Parasol says actually created an entire language known as the alphabet of the magic which he used to summon healing spirits whether or not it worked his talents for curing. Sick patients was known all over europe in england. There was john d adviser to queen elizabeth. I d was obsessed with learning the secrets of the universe from angels in his dreams and his apprentice and eventual rival. Edward kelley built his own reputation. As a powerful sorcerer even being knighted by the holy roman emperor rudolph the second for his achievements in alchemy but another of the lesser known. Historical wizards was rabbi. Haim samuel yaacob falk. Who worked in london in the middle of the seventeen. Hundreds famous for being powerful practitioner of the jewish mysticism known as kamala falk was said to be able to go long periods of time without food or water and could use the names of god and the angels to perform amazing feats of magic just like john d. falk was obsessed with his own dreams and he kept a journal of all the arcane knowledge that he learned from them countless legends surround his life although it's difficult to separate out the truth from the fiction plus there's a good amount of antisemitism in them which casts them all in a suspicious light. Still you made powerful impact on the jewish community in london and then there was. Alphonse louis constant a french magician who became famous for his theories of what he called transcendental magic working under the name ella foss levi his ideas focused on our place in the universe and helping people to navigate it. And if you've ever used modern tarot cards you have him to thank for making the modern design as popular as it is today now it would be easy to think of historical sorcerer's as individuals who lived hundreds of years ago and in general. Yes that's correct. But one of the most infamous students of magic passed away as recently as nineteen. Forty seven alister crowley much like john. D. and edward. Kelly was born in england and while some of his interesting very modern today like his obsession with sex magic and secret societies. He never lost sight of his magical roots. Its end that he regularly communicated with spirits from egypt and claim that it was the egyptian. God horus who gifted him with the title of profit in fact scholars today view crawley's approach to magic as something more akin to a religion which sort of brings the journey full circle. Echoing back to those magician priests of ancient our last realism. All of the people. I've mentioned were influential. All of them were surrounded by legends of great power and all of them are remembered by historians as famous wizards in their own right. But at the end of the day there are few who can hold a candle to one individual partly because of his reputation and the deeds that were attributed to him and partly because of his impact on our views of. What a sorcerer actually is. He was part trickster part scholar and one hundred percent dangerous and if even half the stories that are told about him are true he might also be something bigger. One of the most powerful sorcerers in history

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